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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jayden Noel Larsen

So after everything I had already went thru for this lil baby.. I ended up having to have a c-section. She was born on January 11, 2010 at 1:46pm. She weighed 8lbs 8oz, was 21inches tall and had a head cercumference of 38cm, but most of all.. she was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my whole entire life!

After spending 4 days in the hospital for recovery we got to go "home" (to Adams parents house). We got out on Friday the 15th. This was also Jayden's first car trip.. and of course it was in a mustang :). Since the hospital would only allow 4 visitors total we chose my mom, my brother, and adams parents. So we had to take her to see my fam since no one got to come into the hospital to see her.

The next day I started to have trouble breathing (I thought it was some sort of allergic reaction to my oxycodone). On Sunday the 17th I went into the ER, where i had numerous tests done.. including blood work, a chest x-ray, eeg, and a cat scan. My blood pressure was extremely high so they gave me some medication thru my IV.. this made me sick (and for the next 2 days i was unable to hold ANYTHING down including water). I was admitted to the hospital and was put on many different medications to try to figure out what was wrong with me. Over the next few days I was very ill and tired. I slept most of the days. Eventually my IV went bad and since i had just had a c-section (and that nurse was a retard and poked every other place on my body to try to get an iv in) I was pretty much tapped out. They had to put a pickline into my upper right arm in order to give me a dose of Magnesium Sulfate. This being the treatment for preclampsia.

After 6 days of hospitalization (a few without my baby... i was too out of it to know if she was even there anyway). I was released and put on blood pressure medication. I was later told that I had post partum preclampsia. I also had an infection in my c-section incesion.

She was worth it all.. but man what a ride!! If we do end up deciding to have another baby.. I will have to go thru everything all over again.. from the cerclage to the c-section, and even the preclampsia. We haven't for sure decided on no more kids but it pretty much looks that way. But thats ok.. Jayden is perfect and I'm very happy with her. (not that I dont want another baby.. cuz i'd love one but if we end up not having another one.. im good with just her).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Maple Bars

I got maple bars today.. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! So I do believe I can finally say that I have my first offical craving. I've been dying for maple bars for the past few weeks and today... I finally got them! I haven't had one yet cuz Im still full from dinner but as soon as i'm hungry (which wont be long) im so gonn eat one... or 2 lol!

I also went to get my prenatal prescription at walmart.. after waiting for 40 mins for them to fill the prescription they tell me its gonna be another 20 mins. When Adams grandma larsen and I go back AGAIN they said oh sorry we're out of stock.. we'll have them tomorrow.. what a bunch of BS! now i have to go back AGAIN tomorrow to pick them up.. how stupid!

Contractions.. I think

So for the past couple days/nights I've been having a really weird feeling.. uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Im not positive that they're contractions but thats the best conclusion I can come up with. I've also been having backpain.. that was pretty painful for the past couple days too.. mostly in the last 2 days. And.. if these are contractions.. then Im having one as I type this.

And.. one last note.. I really want a maple bar.. yummmm! lol!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Oct - now

Let's see.. what's new??

Adam & I finally agreed on Jayden's middle name on.. i believe Tuesday. We decided to name her Jayden Noel Larsen. Cute right?!

umm... i had an ultrasound on wednesday (most likely my last unless i request otherwise). Jayden weighed 4lbs 6oz and was the size of a 33 week old baby (eventhow i was only 31.5 weeks pregnant at the time). Shes perfectly healthy, which is great!

On Halloween Adam and I went trick or treating with my bro, Rachel, Sandra, Dolly, Phoenix and Gryphon for about an hour. Gryphon was the cutest devil of all time and Phoenix was Optimus Prime and my bro.. he was MJ! After that we went with Adam's family (Bri, Grant, Candice, Hope, Hannah, Andrea, & Katie). Once they were done Adam & I got a pizza and some movies and went to his parents house and started to watch Beatle Juice, but Adam started to fall asleep so we ended up going upstairs and watched Mystery Science Theater with his parents.

On the 29th I took Adam to the Bonnieville Hot Springs and rented a hot tub room for the night for his birthday... he seemed to enjoy it. We also went to the restaurant downstairs for dinner and paid $25 for 3 ribs... CRAZY! But they were decent.

Maile, Leila & Mike were all here for a visit.. we did a b-day party for Lei and Mike & Mai went to one of my ultrasounds and doc appointments with me. Mai, Lei & I all ate at the lodge and spent some time together. We talked wedding plans a little bit. We pretty much had a good time.. too bad they had to leave so soon!

We also went to the pumpkin patch... me, my bro, rachel, mai, mike, phoenix, lei, gryphon, sandra, josh & dolly.

On Oct 10.. my bro took some maternity pics of Adam and I and they turned out very nice!!

And sometime during all the time Adam was still in WY he worked on the house.. and the baby swing and stuff... bad idea.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Even more to update now..

So there's tons more to update now.. I really shouldn't wait so long to come back here. Well lets see... on August 31 2009 we found out we were having a baby girl!!! yay! At that same ultrasound we found out that I had some complications. My cervix was only 1cm long when it should have been 4cm long. They call this an incompatent cervix. I had to go to the hospital and I was admitted. After some more ultrasounds and constant observation they let me decide what I wanted to do. I had a choice between bedrest for the rest of my pregnanacy or getting a stitch put in called a cerclage. We decided to do the stitch. Had I known that they weren't going to knock me out, like they promised, I wouldn't have been so set on the stitch. They ended up giving me a spinal (which was very painful). The surgery took about 20-30mins and then I was in recovery for 1.5 hours. I spent a week in the hospital and then they sent me home. However, home was not home. Home was me staying with Adams family.

Adam still had to move to Cheyenne, WY. He left on Friday the 18th. His dad went with him to help with the move and things to be done on the house. We did get the house and thats good news. He is still there and planning to come back for a visit this weekend. Adam also bought a brand new 2010 Toyota Tacoma.

Every week (now every other week) I go in or an ultrasound to check on the stitches and baby. I have to stay here until the baby is born.. which is any time between now and Jan. 9 2010. Shes a very healthy baby and very VERY photographed. lol. We have decided to name her Jayden. We currently are debaiting on middle names.