Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At the airport...

So we're sittin here at the airport... (stl) waitin for our flight to vegas then to portland. We've been waitin to hear some info cuz they keep pushin back the delay time. Well appeariently, Its snowing SO hard in Vegas, that they closed the airport. SO as we speak Adam is running around the airport tryin to find a different way to Portland.. this sucks!!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I found a late night friend!

About 30 mins ago.. Adam & I were finishing up some last minute stuff before our trip tomorrow (working on a playlist of songs we're burning for my mom).. and I heard a noise at the door.. mind you its 1AM here. So I of course jump up and say "A KITTY!" (Adam hates cats.. hes allergic to them) And I, being the animal lover that I am ran to the door. See, I have seen a cat around here every once in awhile.. actually only once.. and he let me pet him. He reminded me of a cat I used to have (Rusty). Anyways.. I run to the door.. and I ask Adam if I can let him in. To my surprise, he said "for a minute." So I let him in. He's so big and cute!

Well, you know me, I want to keep him. It's flippin 10 Degrees outside and 4 inches of snow. He runs in and explores a bit.. I pet him for a little while and Adam says "ok throw him out now" How mean.. its cold and he was only in here for like 2 mins tops. So i put him out. Meanwhile I'm trying to convince Adam to let me let him back in... he keeps sayin no. I was looking thru the fridge for some food or somethin (cuz we're leavin tomorrow and it will go bad anyway).. but of course we were smart and ate it all. So theres no food but there is milk. Adam says I can give him some and he sneeks back in. This goes on for a few mins (the cat coming in and getting thrown out). I beg Adam to let me let him in for the night (in the bathroom) cuz it's so cold out and hes going bald so he's not staying very warm. Adam says "no, look he has a tag, he has a home you cant keep him!" So when I let him back in for the last time I check his tag.. and all it says is "I'm drunk" How lovely is that? It had a number but i doubt it works.. horrible owners!! What kinda ppl thow an old cat outside in this kind of weather. I'd be ok with him staying outside but its so cold the milk I gave him is gonna freeze in a few minutes.

Anyways... Adam wins and the poor lil guy is out there freezing and cold.. and I wish I could do something about it.. :(


I know I already posted today but who knew I would get news this good.. Mai just called and told me shes coming home for Christmas!! How great is that?? I dont even remember the the last time we spent Christmas together (shes not actually gonna be there until a day or 2 after Christmas.. so I'll only getta see them for maybe a day) but still its cool! Just in time too cause I was just about to mail Lei's presents today. Unfortunitly, I also just found out that they won't be getting there until the day Adam & I go back to Springfield. But, luckily, we'll be seeing them in late January on our way to Washington DC... there will be a few posts on that I'm sure. There will be lots of pics to post and may as well keep you updated on our trip.

snow... ugh!

So it's snowing at the moment.. just started to about 10 minutes ago. theres already probably an inch. Now don't get me wrong.. i love snow! I love to play in it.. but i dont love to drive in it (or ride with someone else drivin.. its unsafe). I am also flying home tomorrow evening. It's a 2 hour drive from here to STL. Supposedly the snow is going to freeze over night so Im just a tad worried about making it.. (either to the airport or off the runway). Wouldnt you know the one time you dont want snow.. BAM there it is!

On the bright side... Yay! Im gonna be home in 1 day! I cant wait. I get to see my mommy, all those other ppl... but most importantly I getta see MY boys (actually.. they're not mine.. they're rachels.. but i can pretend!)!!!

Adam and I were workin on some of the boys' gifts yesterday.. oh man.. they are GOOD! i mean Great! everyone will love them!

Another disturbing note: I havent packed at all! Adam packed most of the gifts.. they took up my huge blue bag and we still have more to pack, not to mention some of them are being shipped home so we didnt have to bring them with us. Lol.. a lil over board?? Maybe! But whut else are we gonna spend our money on anywayz?? Yea we could save up for our house, but seriously.. are we ever gonna getta move home?? psh no :(.

I had sumthin else i wanted to write earlier.. but i dont remember whut it was.. Oh YEA! Im growing a Bumble!! (my fave Christmas charactor).

Monday, December 15, 2008

1st Post (good title huh?)

So, this is my first post (obviously). By now, you're thinking... "man this girl is SMART!!!" haha. Well as a matter of a fact I am smart.. thats a post for a different day thow. It's like 3AM on the 15th. You'd think I'd be thinking.. "hey, I've been married for 4 months today" but I'm not. In 2 days I get on a plane, I get outa this Bob-forsaken void (better known as IL) and I getta go home and see everyone (most importantly my nephews). Rachel, since you're the only one thats gonna read this.. You'll love how much I talk about your GREAT sons! I'm so excited I can't sleep! LOL now I sound like the little boy from the Disneyland commerical "We're too excited to sleep" lol. I really haven't been up to a whole lot here. I spend my time trying to think of ways to get home.. lol. (yes, i do say "lol" a lot.. but that's just cuz i'm a funny person. i make myself laugh a lot).

I guess next I should probably do a quick and simple background of myself. I'm Jamie. I'm 22 and married to a wonderful (OLD) guy.. Adam. We've been together for 4 years and 3 months exactly to the day, and married for 4 months. I'm lovin' the Newly Wed Game.. lol. I am a professional (wedding) photographer. I was born in Vancouver, WA and I grew up in Vancouver. I attended high school in Stevenson (a little town in the Columbia River Gorge). This is where I met most of the people I still claim as friends lol. My husband got a job with the Feds and moved out of state a month after we were engaged. Once we got married I moved to the middle of no-where to prove my love to him (making it thru a wedding is nothing compaired to livin here). (quick disclaimer: for those of you who actually like the midwest take no offence.. I am just far away from everything, friends, family, and home). We both want nothing more than to make it back home to WA where are friends, families, and lives are waiting. Since we have 2 very young nephews, we feel even more compailed to go home because we are missing out on adorable moments we'll never get back. Oh yea I cant forget... I have a brother!! lol. And he is the best brother anyone could ever ask for. Not only is he a great person, good husband (im guessing.. he cooks every night .. plus), and a wonderful father.. but he's also one of the funniest people to ever walk the earth.. and.. he's my big brother. He married Rachel.. who's the main reason I'm here. She's a great friend of mine and its such a priviledge to have one of your best friends be your sister! I think my favorite thing about her is when she gets into an arguement with my brother.. they can make me laugh for hours!!

Thats pretty much it.. as far as a background goes. I'll post even more random things.. so.. if this seemed weird to you, you have no idea whats in store. If you were in my head for 5 seconds.. the things you saw would scare you. Just a warning for future reads! :)