Monday, November 16, 2009

Maple Bars

I got maple bars today.. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! So I do believe I can finally say that I have my first offical craving. I've been dying for maple bars for the past few weeks and today... I finally got them! I haven't had one yet cuz Im still full from dinner but as soon as i'm hungry (which wont be long) im so gonn eat one... or 2 lol!

I also went to get my prenatal prescription at walmart.. after waiting for 40 mins for them to fill the prescription they tell me its gonna be another 20 mins. When Adams grandma larsen and I go back AGAIN they said oh sorry we're out of stock.. we'll have them tomorrow.. what a bunch of BS! now i have to go back AGAIN tomorrow to pick them up.. how stupid!

Contractions.. I think

So for the past couple days/nights I've been having a really weird feeling.. uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Im not positive that they're contractions but thats the best conclusion I can come up with. I've also been having backpain.. that was pretty painful for the past couple days too.. mostly in the last 2 days. And.. if these are contractions.. then Im having one as I type this.

And.. one last note.. I really want a maple bar.. yummmm! lol!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Oct - now

Let's see.. what's new??

Adam & I finally agreed on Jayden's middle name on.. i believe Tuesday. We decided to name her Jayden Noel Larsen. Cute right?!

umm... i had an ultrasound on wednesday (most likely my last unless i request otherwise). Jayden weighed 4lbs 6oz and was the size of a 33 week old baby (eventhow i was only 31.5 weeks pregnant at the time). Shes perfectly healthy, which is great!

On Halloween Adam and I went trick or treating with my bro, Rachel, Sandra, Dolly, Phoenix and Gryphon for about an hour. Gryphon was the cutest devil of all time and Phoenix was Optimus Prime and my bro.. he was MJ! After that we went with Adam's family (Bri, Grant, Candice, Hope, Hannah, Andrea, & Katie). Once they were done Adam & I got a pizza and some movies and went to his parents house and started to watch Beatle Juice, but Adam started to fall asleep so we ended up going upstairs and watched Mystery Science Theater with his parents.

On the 29th I took Adam to the Bonnieville Hot Springs and rented a hot tub room for the night for his birthday... he seemed to enjoy it. We also went to the restaurant downstairs for dinner and paid $25 for 3 ribs... CRAZY! But they were decent.

Maile, Leila & Mike were all here for a visit.. we did a b-day party for Lei and Mike & Mai went to one of my ultrasounds and doc appointments with me. Mai, Lei & I all ate at the lodge and spent some time together. We talked wedding plans a little bit. We pretty much had a good time.. too bad they had to leave so soon!

We also went to the pumpkin patch... me, my bro, rachel, mai, mike, phoenix, lei, gryphon, sandra, josh & dolly.

On Oct 10.. my bro took some maternity pics of Adam and I and they turned out very nice!!

And sometime during all the time Adam was still in WY he worked on the house.. and the baby swing and stuff... bad idea.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Even more to update now..

So there's tons more to update now.. I really shouldn't wait so long to come back here. Well lets see... on August 31 2009 we found out we were having a baby girl!!! yay! At that same ultrasound we found out that I had some complications. My cervix was only 1cm long when it should have been 4cm long. They call this an incompatent cervix. I had to go to the hospital and I was admitted. After some more ultrasounds and constant observation they let me decide what I wanted to do. I had a choice between bedrest for the rest of my pregnanacy or getting a stitch put in called a cerclage. We decided to do the stitch. Had I known that they weren't going to knock me out, like they promised, I wouldn't have been so set on the stitch. They ended up giving me a spinal (which was very painful). The surgery took about 20-30mins and then I was in recovery for 1.5 hours. I spent a week in the hospital and then they sent me home. However, home was not home. Home was me staying with Adams family.

Adam still had to move to Cheyenne, WY. He left on Friday the 18th. His dad went with him to help with the move and things to be done on the house. We did get the house and thats good news. He is still there and planning to come back for a visit this weekend. Adam also bought a brand new 2010 Toyota Tacoma.

Every week (now every other week) I go in or an ultrasound to check on the stitches and baby. I have to stay here until the baby is born.. which is any time between now and Jan. 9 2010. Shes a very healthy baby and very VERY photographed. lol. We have decided to name her Jayden. We currently are debaiting on middle names.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A lot to catch up on.

So I kinda forgot I had this... anyway I have some very exciting news that I should have been keeping track of on something like this.

On March 6, 2009 Adam & I were very excited to find out that we were expecting a baby! I took a pregnancy test at about 6:15am (i had been having trouble sleeping the last few nights so I was up early). The test came back positive, but it was a very faint line. I decided I'd better read the directions AGAIN and make sure I wasn't just seeing something I wanted to see. It said no matter how faint the line, if it's there, its positive. So Adam was already awake getting ready for work... as he was getting ready to come into the bathroom to take a shower he noticed that I was acting awekwardly (more so than usual). He was like "what is it? what's going on with you?" I said "you need to see this" I pointed at the test on the counter and ran outa the room. A few minutes later he starts shouting "What does this mean?! Am I?! Are we?! Does this mean what I think it means!? Are you!? Are we having a baby!?!" I said "yes" and I felt so bad for the poor guy... he was so excited and happy and confused all at the same time lol.
We then decided what better time to tell everyone than Mothers day. Of course I had already emailed Mai and told her and a few other people before we told our moms... it was so exciting I couldn't wait to tell everyone. So we went and told my mom on Friday (since we had a mothers day bbq with adams family on mothers day I couldnt tell her on Sunday). We bought a bunch of baby sized foods (baby cans of pepsi, mini pringles, baby bottle of katchup, little boxes of cereal, a baby jar of Prego sauce, and tons of other stuff too). As she opened the stuff slowly (she had Phoenix helping her) it seemed as thow she would never figure it out, finally she said... "are you pregnant?" I said yes... she didnt seem very happy but she never seems to be when she finds that sorta stuff out.. shes very happy about it now thow. On I believe, Sunday morning we told Adams mom because he didnt want her to find out in front of everyone at the bbq, he thought she should know first. We gave her a card that Adam made it had a storke on the front that was holding a bag that said "SPECIAL DELIVERY" and a scrapbook storage box that was full of baby themed scrapbooking things. If she didnt get the card first I dont know how long it would have taken her to get it either... but she was shocked at first, followed by excited/happy.. which was followed by crying.

At the BBQ we then gave both of Adams grandmas picture frames with a little card inside the fram that said "baby photos soon to come" they were both happy as well. And then at the BBQ Adam gave me a bunch of balloons one of which said "happy mothers day" and I was a little surprized since I told him I didnt want anything. He also bought me a baby memory book but I had asked him not to give that to me in front of everyone too. Adams Grandma Smith was obviously not too surprized by our big news because she gave be a bag that was full of baby onsies... I was a bit shocked that she had had this bag all ready.. I asked her how long she had had it... she said "awhile!" That was a bit surprizing. We then told the rest of adams family at the bbq and they all seemed excited.

Instead of waiting for my first doc appointment (which I couldnt get into until late June) I went to the ER on June 3rd. I was having some complications. After spending about 30minutes in the waiting room I was called back. They did some tests, and then an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok. Adam didnt want to watch all of the tests and since it was the ER I figured everything would take forever... he left the room to get some things out of the car and use the restroom. Unfortuneately, they worked a lot faster than ever before. They did all of the tests within 3 minutes of eachother and then took me off for my ultrasound. Adam wasnt back in time and he missed the ultrasound. When I came back to the room he was waiting looking very confused. When I told him where I had been he got a little teary-eyed and looked very disappointed. He then spend the next 30 minutes appologizing for missing it, saying it was his fault. I felt horrible that he missed it... It was so exciting and amazing to see it. The only thing I said during the whole ultrasound was "its so tinys ok." and it was. We then waited... and waited for the test resaults... 3 hours later the doc came in to give them to us but I started to puke.. (you see when i dont eat when im hungry i start to throw up and get sick (during this pregnancy anyway)) so the doc left and didnt come back for another hour. She then told us that everything was ok, I was bleeding becuz of a hemiridge.. the placenta had seperated from the wall just the slightest bit and everything looked to be perfectly fine.

For our first doctor appointment.. we met with a nurse and went over our family history. I then took a few tests and that was it.

For our first actual doc appointment we showed up 10mins late becuz they sent us to a different office we had never been before.. it was a hard office to find.. even with our GPS. Since we were 10 minutes late they had to rescheduel for a different time. We went in about a week later and did the routine tests.. and that was all. I am now waiting for my next doc appointment which is set for Aug 10.

On July 28, 2009 while in Cheyenne, WY house hunting I felt the most amazing thing... the baby kicked for the first time. Also while in Cheyenne WY we made an offer on a house we loved, we then got a counter offer and accepted. We are now waiting for the bank to get the offer and accept. We currently have the house under contract and are also waiting for all inspections. We expect to have all the closing done by Aug 31.

On the way home from our house hunting trip on the plane from DEN to our layover in OAK on Aug 1, 2009 Adam felt the baby kick for the first time. He was very excited.

That pretty much has everything caught up to speed. Very exciting news!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a lotta catchin up to do

So..... here goes..
We went to the Dry Tortugas.. they were pretty, but it was super windy. We stayed 2 nights. The moat was pretty and calm and I saw more fish in there than I saw snorkeling. Snorkeling wasnt real great in my opinion.. we saw a few fish and thats about it. It was pretty much just too windy, choppy, rough, and murkey to see anything (not that there was anything to see anyway in my opinion). The sunsets where pretty, nothing spactacular and certainly nothing you would expect. We got a few good pics from the trip. We didnt sleep a wink the whole time.. not only was it super windy but the ground was just unsleepable, we were told that it wouldnt get below 60 degrees at night and that it never happened.. so we packed light.. and man it got cold at night! Aside from the wind, ground, and cold.. there was also a very loud generator on all day and all night.. (feeding power to the rangers.. certainly not us). The fort was kind of cool nothing too fantastic either thow. On our last day we decided .. lets go early cuz we wont sleep a wink tonite either.. so we waited for our boat.. that never showed. It turns out it was too windy for our boat to make it.. so we snuck on the other boat that comes out. We should have known if it was too windy for our boat it was too windy for us. The boat was going over huge swells I donno how big maybe 8-10feet tall.. and dropping just as much if not more.. and very hard. So for the first time in his life.. Adam got so sea sick that he threw up (yuck). And I, while bracing myself under a table (so that i didnt hit my head on the t.v. above me) somehow smacked into the table very hard had aquired a bruise about one foot long and 4 or 5 inches high across my stomach. Very painful, even hurt to have the wind blow my jacket into it. I started feeling queezy and decided to step outside. We made it to land 2 hours later and I surprizingly managed not to get sea sick.

Next stop: Orlando.
So after all of this excitement, we decided we needed more.. so where do u think we went?? of course, Orlando. First day we went to Universal. This being my first time I was curious what to expect. Adam having been before, should have known better lol! Out of the very few rides they had, I did very much enjoy the E.T. ride. It was so cute and there were E.T.s everywhere.. even baby ones.. and at the end of the ride he said "goodbye Adam & Jamie" It was awesome! Aside from that I wasnt real impressed with much else. the mummy ride was less than impressive.. and a big letdown for calling itself the biggest indoor rollercoaster.. obviously taking out of consideration that disney has the rockin' roller coaster and space mt. And of course I couldnt leave out Adams fave ride.. Jurassic Park.. 85 foot drop included.. (no thank you!). I spent the majority of the ride telling myself how horrible this drop was going to be, since the largest drop i've been on is 52 feet (splash mt). It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. The ride seemed lacking.. very boring with a huge drop at the end.. i was less then impressed.. but adam liked it so whutever.. maybe i was too busy being scared. Now, I donno if it was the funnel cake, jurassic park, or the combination of the two, but for the first time in my life I got Theme Park sick. And I threw up a few times once we got back to the hotel. Never before has this happened to me.
Day 2: Disney World Magic Kingdom
So this day we went to the magic kingdom.. yes we've been before but this time were in high hopes that we would get to see the firework show that we missed on our honeymoon (due to the tropical storm). Of course disney was disney and we had been there, done that.. and still love it (me anyway.. but not as much as disneyland). We rode the rides and had micky head ice creams. And this time was a first for the both of us becuz we decided to spend our fastpast (splash mt) wait time on tom swayers island.. neither of us had ever been before... and we both now understand why! lol. After we rode our rides and did all that fun stuff we decided to find a spot for the fireworks.. now since we had not seen them at disneyworld before we had no idea where they were being shot from.. (u'd think someone with common sense would have known, from behind the castle). Well we were thinkin it was like disneyland .. there the show shoots off all around the park so u can see them from most places.. well not at disneyworld. Aside from being bothered by a rude old... (well the words I have to say about him are certainly not PG13 so i cant put them on this blog) guy.. we were on the total wrong side of the castle and missed the majority of the show.. but it was worth it.

On the way back to springfield we stopped to purchase some fireworks from TN and then Adam made a special discovery while taking a bathroom break in KY.. at a gas station in the middle of nowhere they sell a thing called "boom boom sticks" old ppl cains lol!!! Only in KY.. (actually probly all over that side of the country LOL). At a hotel one night we decided to call my bro.. to tell him about these sticks (cuz he would have loved it!) and we ended up calling his old number.. well we werent aware of this until it was too late (after adam hung up) and Adam thought the person was my bro messing around with him (cuz he alwayz does that) and he thought it was my bro impersonating Ms Swan from Mad TV... well adam thought it would be hilarious to say "you looka likea man" so he did.. (becuz this was an asian lady talking) and he finally hung up becuz "my bro" wouldnt stop. When we looked at the phone I let him know that my bro no longer had that number LOL! You shoulda seen the look on adams face! Priceless!

Then we came back to Springfield where adam rented us a room at a sleeze bag motel called the quest inn.. and it was horrible.. so horrible that when adam went to work in the morning ppl were printing out stories about people bein stabbed at that motel.. so adam left work and got me outa there.. after of course, having a few words with the owner.. who, didnt know any words other than "no refunds". the owner avoided adam a few times and tried to run away when adam confronted him.. finally adam got him to come up to the room where the guy again told adam no refunds.. as adam showed him everything that was wrong with the room.. from the fridge, to the toilet, to the bugs in the bed.. and the guy said i'll get a new fridge in here.. adam said well whut about the rest of this i want my money back.. look at whut we put up with all nite. and the guy said nothing... and adam said did u hear me? and he still said nothing. Adam then said When I pay for a place i expect that things work. The guy again said nothing. so adam then said I would like an answer! and he said if u wanted service u should have gone to the holiday inn or sumthing. so adam said are u telling me that things are not supposed to work here? is that whut i am to understand?! he said nothing again. and walked out of the room while adam was in mid sentance. Somehow adam managed to not get a refund and took a $180 loss.

Other than that thats about it. Adam called our old land lord and he rented to us again. so here we are.. in our old appartment.

Oh and i've talked to phoenix a few times and he's made me cry numerous times saying "i miss you" while crying.. most recently he said "come back home please, come back home, i miss you!" all while crying.. So I decided to come back home!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wasted away again in Margaritaville

Yesterday we made it to Key West.. first we went to the southern most point in the USA, then we shopped on Duval street for awhile and then we went to the Sunset Festival (where a bunch of weirdos do street shows) and it was pretty dang cool!! We saw all sorts of stuff.. a guy that could excape from a straight jacket.. fire jugglers.. and that sorta stuff.
After we watched the sunset.. Adam took me to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville!!!! I didnt have a margarita (not a big fan) but I did get some other stuff. It wasnt as impressive as you would think it would be for being owned by a famous singer who claims Key West is where it all begain and has many of them all over. After dinner we stopped at the store for a sec and then we back to our hotel.

Today I slept til 1pm and after we had lunch we went to Duval St again becuz there wasnt much else to do here today. The wind is blowing pretty hard and there wasnt even very many street shows going on. Although we did catch one and you'll never guess who they picked outa the audience to help them out.. Adam LOL!!! It was great! It was a guy and his wife.. and he ate fire and then put her in a box with knives! Pretty sweet. The guy asked adam "are you married?" and Adam said "yea" and the guy said "good, that would explain why you're so good at taking orders!" LOL! After the show we went to go pick up dinner from "Damn Good Food To Go" and then came back to our hotel for dinner.
Tomorrow we dont have much planned but after tomorrow we'll be in the Dry Tortugas and won't be posting until at the very earliest March 6.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Key Largo (so I lied)

Today we left Ft Lauderdale at about 11am and headed toward Key Largo. We got to Key Largo at about 2pm (after making a few stops for water and other things). We went to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and were going to just jump right in and start snorkeling (since thats the way all the websites made it sound). After ariving and going to the visitors center we discovered we needed to take a boat to actually get to the reef (30 minutes (by boat) away from the actual park). So we bought two tickets for the 3:05pm boat trip, ringing in at $60. Once out near the reef we finally got to actually snorkel for the first time in FL and see fish and stuff (before all we saw was shells). Some of the things we saw included konch shells (some as big as 1ft long) a huge blue stingray, a few yellow spotted rays, tons of extra large barracudas (some as big as 4 feet long), lots of other tropical fish.. and I saw a large shark..(not sure whut kind) luckily Adam didnt see this, otherwise we woulda been outa the water about a half hour early.
After we got done we came to check into our hotel, and watched the sunset from a little pier on the hotels beach front property. Once the sun set we then we to look for a place to eat. It was luck, that Susan (Adams GPS, yea he's nuts), found a place on the water. Their food was horrible (mine anyways), but the location couldn't have been beter. Our waiter.. was more like well I'm not sure if it was a guy but they claimed their name was Nathan. Once we finished we came back to our hotel.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keys & Tortuga here we come

So this is my last post until we come back from the Keys and Tortuga. We leave tomorrow morning and wont be back until March 7th. We will be in the Tortugas from March 3 - 6. Its gonna be fun!!! :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009


SO yesterday Adam took me out to dinner at this really nice place called the Mai Kai. Its like a Polonysian place. It was really pretty inside and well yea. The food wasnt so great.. and certainly wasnt worth the money. My lobster Bisk tasted like spicey throw up.. adams spinich salad was disgusting, my grilled salmon was non-exsistant (very very small), Adam's prime rib had a bone in it (hidden, he found it with his teeth), and the macadamia nut icecream made me wanna puke. But they had this show.. a dance show.. like hula and tihitian dancing and all that.. there were only five dancers but they did a pretty good job. The fire dance was pretty sweet. And dinner came to a grand total of $111.

Then today we moved to our new hotel (the one on the beach).. and they are really nice.. they upgraded our room for free just because they had extras. Its like a little appartment and its sooooo nice. Its like 20 feet from the pool (the non heated one) and like 300 feet from the large heated one. Right past the pool is the beach and its like a 2 minute walk to the ocean.. pretty dang sweet!!! They have these chairs out by the pool that are like couches and all that really comfortable. SO this is gonna be a WONDERFUL week!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

South Beach

Where to start with how horrible this place is? I donno.. everywhere! The ppl are cold hearted sluts who only care about the way they look. We spent the last 2 days there at a "historical" "hotel" called the colony. It was all a big joke! Ok so firstly they want $22 for valet parking, when you can park right across the street for free from 12am - 9am.. (u pay like $.25 per 10 minuts any time before those hours). Their staff didnt speak much English (which is to be expected in Miami). The hallways smelled horrible. The room smelled horrible. The elevator made the Tower of Terror look like a dream! When we got into the room (which was on the 2nd floor at the very other end of the hotel that only has an elevator and stairs all the way at the other end) it was just plain nasty! There were lil black bugs flying all over, the bed and pillows where covered in some sort of dirt, the bathroom was tiny's ok? like (3'x5'), the toilet was covered in hair and pee, the floor in the bathroom was black in between the tiles (the wall had white hmm i wonder yuck!), the main floor of the room was hard wood and just so gross that even I wouldnt take my shoes off.. it was covered in dirt and had cracks in it, chips and was unfinished in places.. i am convinced if i didnt leave my shoes on I would have a lovely splinter! There was no phone in the room so if you had a question for the front desk have fun walkin to those stairs (cuz the elevator takes an hour). The desks/tabletops looked like they hadnt been cleaned in years. Then this moring was the worst... so we get up its like 8am.. and someone starts banging and hammering and drilling.. and these walls are paper thin mind you, it was so rediculous! So Adam complained and they said oh yea we'll take care of it.. never stoped! Then when adam went to go get the truck a maid just walked right into the room.. im still sittin in there and like HELLO!! she didnt even knock before entering.. now that is not ok i dont care what kinda sleese bag motel you work at!

And last night we went out to a restaurant on the strip (u kinda have to i guess) at an italian place.. the food was outragously priced (of course) the menu was hardly in enlighs and the coke, well it was they bring you a can and charge u $3.25 for each of em. RIP OFF! I mean c'mon it wasnt even pepsi. The waiter hardly spoke english.. and when you're seated they say "do you smoke?" and when you say "no" they take the ash tray and matches away and look at you like you're disgusting becuz you dont! and then when they ask you what to drink and you dont say a whine or alcohol of some sort again they look at you like "how dare you!" Grand total of about $70.. for fetichini alfredo & chicken parmisane.

Oh yea and while we were walking back to our hotel we passed sum stupid lil slut and overheard her telling her other skanky friends "and I look so good on camera.. so like, I know i would be great at it".. me and Adam busted up laughin loud enuf so she could hear us.

I think i may have said something about this earlier but i have to make my point again.. adams "co'workers" keep telling him how they cheat on their girlfriends/wives and they keep trying to tell him how to get away with it. nastY!

Now you know why I think south beach is such a pile of crap!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So its been a crazy and long weekend. Let me try to fill in all the blanks.
On Friday we left Miami for Naples. On the trip (3 hours) we took alligator alley.. and after being on that road for like 20 minutes I decided to start counting all of the alligators. I missed quite a few before but once I started counting I counted 318. Crazy I know!
Once we got to Naples we went to a few different beaches.. including Delanor Wiggens Park, Marco Island.. and Naples beach.

On Valentines day we went to Marco Island for the beginning and ended it in Naples beach to watch the sunset. The beaches here are COVERED in sea shells.. the pretty kind. So we picked up a few of those.

Today (the 15th) is our 6month versary.. we have officially been married for half a year today.. so we started off with Mcdonalds breakfast (adam brought it to me). After breakfest we were off on our way to another beach. We went straight to a beach called Bearfoot Beach.. (we thought that ment the sand was super soft and no shells to step on.. wrong). We saw a turtle and an armadillo, It was PACKED.. so we stayed for a little while and picked some sea shells up then decided the water was too murkey to snorkel.. so we decided to go to a different beach.

We then went to Lovers Key (thought it was a nice touch).. we saw a turtle and then found out they had no snorkeling there so we went back to naples beach.

At Naples beach we swam and even snorkeled a bit.. we were being pretty dumb and well while racing under the peer I smacked my head into a sharp barnical covered pillar of the peer.. it cut my head open (which i found out when we got back to the hotel). We got tons of shells and fed the seagulls.. we also built a sand castle and then watched the sunset. Adam took me out the the Olive Garden for dinner (where the service sucked) to celebrate Valentines day (a day late) and our versary.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Electrifying Experience!

So today Adam got off work early. We went hunting for a beach we could snorkel at. We didn't have any luck at the 1st place we went (and its not incredibly easy to go around from beach to beach here because of all the traffic). So we ended up at South Beach. We didnt snorkel but we swam a bit and then it happened... like always.. I got stung by a jelly fish... it never fails. And then Adam got stung and we left (like awlways).

Then we left and came back to the hotel and swam in the pool for a bit. And that's what we did today.

I just wanted to state how much I hate Miami. It is unbelieveable how unrealistic these people are. They are SO superficial! All week the guys that work where Adam is visiting have been telling him different ways to look at girls on the beach and how they don't love their girlfriends and blah blah blah. When they found out that Adam and I didnt have a kid and were married they were amazed and thought it was so "great that we married for love". These people are sick and disgusting. I couldn't live here if you paid me. They just make me sick. I dont understand how people can be so skank-like.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

at the beach in miami

So yesterday we went to a beach in the Miami area.. It was on a Key of some sort I cant remember the exact name. We took some sunset pics on the beach.. it wasn't really great for swimming but it was still pretty for pics. After we went to dinner at Tony Roma's (i dont know why they are famous for ribs).

Today we went to look for a different beach and ended up not finding one until after sunset so we ended up coming back to the hotel after shopping for some food. Then we went swimming in the pool where we talked with some friendly old canadians LOL.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Welcome to Miami.

Yesterday we made it to Miami. On the way down we stopped at a few different places. Daytona Beach, some gift shops, kennedy space center (didnt go in just drove by), olive garden, another beach (cant member the name rite now) and like a river on the way to the kennedy space center.

In the wild we saw: dolphins, sting rays, a shark, blow fish, and alligators. Down the road to the KSC we saw 20 alligators... it was crazy all the other things we saw were all on the same road. We also saw a Raccon attacking garbage cans by the beach. lol.

Then my mom called and we talked for a little while. Shortly after which we made it to our hotel in Miami.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Florida here we come!

Today... we met up with Candy, Travis, Shelly, Camie & Davey at Ryan's (a buffet) for breakfast. We were all pretty much sickened (except Davey of course) with the choices for breakfast (this was everyones first time to this restaurant for breakfast). After breakfast we all headed out to the okefenokee swamp in Waycross GA. We saw alligators, turtles, deer, a bear, an otter, and snakes. We saw a show about the swamp with a park ranger and got to touch the snakes (which we didnt touch) and a baby alligator (which we did touch). We then went on a train ride to the other side of the park and saw the goats and umm well... we just kinda wasted 20 minutes on a train ride, which was informative.
After the giftshop we parted ways and Adam and I were on our way toward Miami. As the sun was setting we stopped at a beach on the way south in St. Augustine FL. It was pretty and there was tons of shells all over the beach. We grabbed a few (yes Rachel, they're for you!) and snapped a few pics and got back on the road.
For dinner we stopped at an italian place called Amici. It was decent but it wasnt incredible.. and it wasnt Olive Garden. Their bread was pretty good.. they bring you fresh roasted garlic to put on it.. yum.
After dinner we got back on the road and went to our hotel in Palm Coast FL.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The devil went down to Gorgia!

Howdy Ya'll!
So yesterday we went from NC to SC to GA. We stayed the night in NC and also went to the beach. We stopped at 2 different beaches in NC. Sunset Beach and North Myrtle Beach. After the sun set we went to Bass Pro Shop to look at canoes and I found it... my country get-up to wear to see the Fam in Gorgia. Adam bought me the shirt for $25 and before that he had bought me a hat from the outlet malls. Last night we slept in Savanna GA and it was horrible. Today, we went to Blackshear and spent the day with Candy, Shelly, Davey, Camie, Travis and saw David a little bit. We made a trip to the swamp with everyone but David and well.. we were kind of late and the place was closed. We walked around a bit and didnt see one gator. So we plan to meet with them all tomorrow morning at 10:30 and go again. Tonight we are staying in Waycross GA in ANOTHER super 8 motel.. and its fabulous... (not the sarcasim).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So today we left DC. I spent a little time in the building where Adam has been having his meetings (mainly because there wasnt much of a lobby at our hotel, we had to check out at 12 and his meeting lasted until 3). After the meeting was over we went back to the hotel, got the bags and jumped in the truck. We drove through Virginia and into North Carolina (where we currently are). We had dinner at IHOP and came back to the hotel.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

dc... AGAIN

I didnt really do too much of anything today. Adam got the truck fixed and back and he also got lost. It cost about $90 to fix but I think it was worth it. Thats about it for today!

another day in dc

so today.. we found out that i forgot my cell phone in the hotel we stayed in the other night (1 hour away).. so we went to pick it up after taking a few pics in front white house (adam says its the capital building but i dont believe him) and the washington monument. After we got my phone we went out to dinner at Red Lobster and then were back on the road to go back to DC.

As we were just getting close Adam noticed something funny about the wheel he replaced before we left springfield. We stopped down by the Washington Monument to check it out and Adam discovered one of the break calabers (i donno if i spelled that right or not anywayz).. had lost one of the bolts and the other was missing.. trying to figure out what to do.. Adam finally called a tow truck to take us to a repair shop. Mind you, this was after numerous calls to AAA as well as an hour of debaiting with himself at 12AM in the middle of DC.

The truck driver seemed friendly enough but Adam said he screwed us over by taking us 15 miles away when he said it would only be 5... but somehow I still disagree because it only cost $20.. $4 per mile i donno thow anyway Adam tipped him $10 because he drove us back to our hotel at no extra charge. Tomorrow Adam gets to call the repair shop and find out how much they wanna screw us over... and I told him.. "you know if you had just got that wheel fixed at shaners (the company that changed our wheels) than we wouldn't have to deal with this.. but no.. u have to fix everything urself.." Honestly it woulda been cheaper to just have them fix it awhile ago.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not my Washington of choice...

When I was rudely woken thismorning I found my wonderful husband had went to McDonalds to get my breakfast (doesnt get much better than that). After eating we checked out of our hotel and were on the road toward DC at about 11am. We got to DC at 12. After driving in circles for awhile we checked into our hotel (courtyard) where we are paying $32 a day to park.So after bringing our bags in we took our little tour. All I was really interested in seeing was the Smithsonian (us history and natural history).
We first went to the natural history museum. There we saw some interesting things including: dinosaur bones/fossils, sea creatures (including a giant squid), lots of really pretty rocks (including diamonds, rubys, emeralds, calasite, quartz, copper, etc etc) the most popular was the Hope Diamond (which I was a lot less impressed by than I thought I would be).
Then we went over to the US History Museum. Some of the more interesting things there were: Ab Lincoln's top hat, a part of the shirt that was blood stained from when he was shot at ford's theator, and one of his suits. There was also dorthy's ruby red slippers, kermit the frog, oscar the grouch, mahamad ali's boxing gloves, and yeah thats about all i was really interested in there.
After we were done there we moved on to the National Archives. There we saw some papers and whatnot.. Adam took a call from President Nixon (LOL!) and we saw the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution. Then we went to the gift shop where we purchased the declaration and constitution (the same one Nicoles Cage bought his copy from in National Treasure).
Then we decided our feet hurt and it was time to go take a break in the hotel were we plan to spend the rest of the night. We might go out for dinner across the street in a few hours. All and all I'd say Washington DC is definitely less impressive than my Washington. Oh yeah, one other thing.. they call themselves "washingtonians" and call this just washington... no wonder everyone asks if we're from washington dc.. it's cuz all the people that live here are idiots!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

1st stop (Mai & Lei) Ohio..

Yesterday we went from IL to IN to OH. Today we went from OH to PN to VW to MD.

So we left Springfield, IL yesterday! I stayed up all night packing and we packed everything up and moved it to a storage shead yesterday. We left about about 1:30pm for Cincinnati OH to see Mai, Lei & Mike. On the way we stopped for lunch at Monicals Pizza in I believe Bloomington IL at 3pm. We then stopped off for some gas and were again, on our way.
We arrived in Cincinnati at about 8pm. We saw Lei & Mai and AJ's new puppy Louie (such a cute dog!). After Mai called Mike at work we went to pick him up. After we got Mike we went to the Olive Garden.. on the way Lei saw a McDonalds and decided that was what she needed for dinner.. she didn't get her way. We had dinner along with many amusing moments with Leila, including when she thru a fit and what she was sayin was so funny even Mai couldnt help but laugh.
When leaving the Olive Garden, Lei needed her coat zipped up because it was like 10 degrees or less outside. Maile went to zip her up and couldn't do it... Lei was getting very impacitiant. Adam said Jamie can do it.. and Leila said "mom, Jamie can do it!" so I went do zip her up and it took me awhile because the zipper was stuck from Mai trying and Leila was getting even more upset with waiting and she said "uhh I can do it!" everyone thought that was pretty funny.
We then went to Mai's and hung out for a bit. Adam fell asleep in the chair and Leila finally got her shirt from Disneyworld that Adam and I bought for her.. she thought it was great and had to show everyone the shirt that "jamie made". After Leila got tired of trying to "save Michael's arm" from Louie (the puppy).. she fell asleep on moms lap and a little while after that I decided it was time to wake Adam up to go to our hotel. At around 2am we made plans for breakfast with Mai, Mike & Lei and were on our way to our hotel.
We got to our hotel at about 2:30am. It was the worst hotel I've stayed in in awhile. They didnt have an elevator, only one way in/out, there was mold on the walls, no microwave in our room, and when we got into our room we where very disappointed to find that the heater wasnt on and it was just as cold in our room as it was outside (less than 10 degrees). I went to turn the heater on and I found out that it wasnt on because it wouldnt have been much warmer in the room anyway. It worked but.. it didnt heat the room until about 8am this morning! Nice huh?
SO today at about 10:30 I got up and we checked out (after watchin a lil Bob Ross of course lol). We met with Mai, Mike & Lei and went to Bob Evens for breakfast. Leila had to have smiley face tators instead of normal breakfast lol. And when she finally got her plate of them she looked at it and Mai said "eat it" and Lei said "oh, I cant do it!" and I thought she meant because they were smiling at her.. but turns out she thought they were hot lol. After coloring maps and eating we went to the parking lot and said our goodbyes. Leila of course didnt want us to go.. and said "no, I need you at my house jamie, i need you!" while she cried .. awww.. thanks, she makes it so easy to leave!
We left at 1:30 and headed toward Washington DC. We arrived in Maryland at 10pm and rented a hotel room for the night. We are planning on leaving at around 9 AM tomorrow morning. We are currently in our hotel room which is about 1 hour away from DC.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another new friend

So.. today while packing Adam found somethin he got a long time ago as a joke.. well I saw him and I made Adam get him to work again. I needed a friend you know so I talk to him all the time and he has sum weirdo name but I gave him my own name. I call him Streeker! LMAO. Anywayz he's awesum.. he doesnt speak much english but like i said i need a friend so here he is. He's a Furbee. Cool huh?

Adams been packing all day with little help from me.. (oops lol)

So here is the link to the site that does the prints for $.06 for 4x6s and what not..

And here is a coupon code for an 8x8 (30 page) photobook.. use this coupon code at checkout and you only pay $11.99 for the book and you dont have to pay shipping.


if this code doesnt work it means someone else used it.. i have more so if it doesnt work let me know and i'll get you a different code.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Squeezed and pulled my neck 1986

I just thought I would write and tell ppl what it feels like to be abused by your husband. Adam just punched me in the face.. I'm not joking either. He thinks he can make it up to me by taking me to the Olive Garden.. well.. he's wrong! BJ.. Rachel.. call the COPS! :(

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Very Upset

SO.... I was at Davids Bridal the other day, picking up a new dress bag since we're gonna be packing it/ or taking it either way to keep it clean.. and you will never in a million years guess what i saw.. i couldnt talk i was sooooo angry it seems like this always happens to me.. u know at prom i wanted an orange dress.. no one had such a thing so i got blue.. well a couple months later everyone had orange dresses.

Well for my wedding i wanted a certain orange and blue.. no one had any thing close to orange and no one had the certain shade of pepsi blue i wanted... so Rachel and Becca made everything for me. We went out a specifically shopped for those 2 certain colors.. you're not gonna believe this...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Planning the trip

So, I've just started to plan the big trip to FL. Mainly I've only started planning the camping trip to the Dry Tortugas. It's gonna be so much fun! I'm finally starting to get excited about the trip instead of just the trip home.

Lately I've been very into scrapbooking. I actually finished a whole scrapbook last night.. it only took me 2 days and it actually turned out very cute! It's a big change for me since the only scrapbooks i've worked on before are like long-term books. Like my You & Me scrapbook. It's a book that is kind of like a timeline of mine and adams relationship. So it's like all the trips and stuff we did from when we first started dating until we got engaged.. so thats a LOT of pix.. thats like a 3 year scrapbook lmao. And then I did our engagement book for a wedding gift to adam... it wasnt as big but.. we took a lot of pics.. so it turned out pretty big. And then next ime doing our wedding book.. followed by our honeymoon book.. I however, cant start working on any until we get home. We'll be in FL for the next month and all my scrapbooking stuff will be in storeage. Plus I cant order any pics until we get home cuz we wont have an address until then. And even then it probably wont be our own address for awhile.. so i'll be getting stuff sent to his parents house or my moms p.o. box.

well hmm i dont really have much to say besides that.. oh yea actually i do. I found this AWESOME site. They are kinda like snapfish and shutterfly and all those.. They make prints and photobooks and all that good stuff. But they have the cheapest prices i've ever seen. I cant say that their stuff is good quality or anything cuz i haven't ordered anything from them yet but im planning to. Their 4x6's are only 6cents each and their 8x10s are only 50cents.. incredible. Anywayz their photobooks are also really cheap.. which would make u think that its not gonna turn out good but we'll see. If u sign up you get 600 free 4x6s and 600 free 5x7s.. only thing is u can only order 100 4x6s and 50 5x7s a month.. so you have to use them over time but thats still an amazing deal. Anyways.. i think if i refere ppl i get some sort of deal so i'll edit this later and let you know the site and stuff after i find out what i need to do.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New addition to my family!

I am actually a little shopped out. Yesterday Adam went and got the new windshield put in the truck ($260) then he took me to the Hobby Lobby and dropped me off. He then went and got the oil changed in the truck ($30) while I shopped at the Hobby Lobby for scrapbook stuff ($30). We then went to Circuit City because we found out they were going out of business. CDs and DVDs are 20% off.. everything else in the store is 10% off. So we got 3 movies (all of which are great) E.T., Troop Beverley Hills, and Shakespeare in love. We also got a power converter for the truck.. it plugs in to the lighter and converts the power to a normal wall plug in (for the laptops and ipod mainly).

And then... it happened.. we added a new member to the family.. and yes I do mean a baby.. my new baby. A Nikon D90 LOL. It came with a 18-105 VR lens. In addition to the new camera I also got a new flash (sb-600). Our trip to Circuit City cost Adam about... $1500-1600. The camera and lens were $1480somethin I believe. Anyways decent deal... but if you see a better one.. Adam doesnt wanna know LOL.

Adam also booked another one of our hotels for the FL trip.. this one is for Ft Lauderdale.. It is soooo nice.. its right on the beach and i mean actual beach property ... walk out the door and your in the sand. It's NICE! Anyways.. FL is gonna be a fun trip.. it could be a LOT nicer if I had someone to hang out with and do stuff with while Adam was at work.. its not so much fun to do nothing alone or anythin alone.. i'll probably spend my time (while we're at the beach front hotel anywayz) sitting on the beach reading or tanning.. possibly swimmin or snorkeling (maybe the 1st day to see if theres anything worth seeing snorkel wise).. but it should be nice anyway.

In Feb we find out where Adam's WFL assignment will be (wa, or, ak, id, mt) and even which park its gonna be at. Which will be nice to know. I'm excited... and I'm finding it semi-hard to get excited about anything but coming home.. even FL.. crazy i know.

Well I think that about does it for tonight.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sounds Like A Country Song To Me!

Rachel & Will, you guys are the only ones that read this so... I need some good country songs. Since we've gotta truck now and we're drivin thru country we decided its a good idea to expand our country library. So you guys send me a list of good country songs. I dont need any kenny chesney songs (downloaded them all already). But other stuff would be great. Thanks!


So yesterday Adam sold the Saturn.. thank Bob! I hated that car. Last night he took me out to Longhorn to celebrate. I got a blue sumthin or other martini... big mistake.. i had like one sip and i almost puked.. it was STRONG! I couldnt finish it.. but it certainly finished me lol! Then we stopped at Wal Mart and when shoppin for a bit. We got some first aid stuff for our FL trip (mainly for the Dry Tortugas) and some eggs. When we got home I was gonna make cookies but the cold water wasnt working so we couldn't wash the bowls. Finally I ended up makin them sumhow.. and they were amazing!

Anyway, today he made an appointment to get the windshield replaced in the truck .. on Monday.

Last night I had one of those random thoughts.. Why is it ok to wear layers on top (extra shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets).. yet if you wear layers on your bottom half (other than for paintball) you're a weirdo? lol. I donno why I think I mainly thought about it cuz my legs are always so cold here lol. Also, last night I got to talk to... yup, you guessed it... Dr. Phoenix. LMAO. He's so cute!

Today I also finally got my Mortal Kombat 4 for the N64. Bout time! I played Adam one round. I had just got up and I said.. "psh this is gonna be good lets see you play this.. i can beat you with my eyes closed.. better yet with out my contacts".. he laughed at me. And well, I beat him

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just got back from a trip up to the Chicago area for some meetings Adam had. This week went by really fast, which is great. Tomorrow Adam is setting up an appointment to get the windshield in the truck replaced. It was already cracked but on the way to Chicago it cracked all the rest of the way across the window.. about 1.5 feet in front of my eyes.. and then about 4 inches up. scary. There was snow, and very very cold temps. I really honestly dont get how anyone can live in Chicago.. or this area (midwest) at all. The snow here is so unpleasent. Its super dry and extra cold. It blows everywhere. Makes for some cool lookin snow drifts.. other than that.. nothin nice about it except that since its so cold and dry its not too icy. Now when I say its cold here.. i mean flippin freezing! You walk outside and breathe thru your nose and it stings you to tears. You breathe thru your mouth and you feel like your heart is on fire and your lungs feel like they're froze solid. So this is how i figured out why Columbia jackets go up over your face like a mask over your mouth and nose.. pretty handy if you live in a horrid place like IL. Anywayz I felt I needed to update a bit.. we're leavin in a few weeks for DC.. i'll try to be a lil bit better about updating it during the trip. This shouldnt be too hard since we'll be on the road a lot (hours at a time) and we have wireless aircard internet for the comp (we can use it anywhere and we got internet) and i'll have nothin else to do.

And the other day I edited some more of the pics of Gryphon from Christmas.. they turned out sooo cute!!!