Saturday, January 31, 2009

1st stop (Mai & Lei) Ohio..

Yesterday we went from IL to IN to OH. Today we went from OH to PN to VW to MD.

So we left Springfield, IL yesterday! I stayed up all night packing and we packed everything up and moved it to a storage shead yesterday. We left about about 1:30pm for Cincinnati OH to see Mai, Lei & Mike. On the way we stopped for lunch at Monicals Pizza in I believe Bloomington IL at 3pm. We then stopped off for some gas and were again, on our way.
We arrived in Cincinnati at about 8pm. We saw Lei & Mai and AJ's new puppy Louie (such a cute dog!). After Mai called Mike at work we went to pick him up. After we got Mike we went to the Olive Garden.. on the way Lei saw a McDonalds and decided that was what she needed for dinner.. she didn't get her way. We had dinner along with many amusing moments with Leila, including when she thru a fit and what she was sayin was so funny even Mai couldnt help but laugh.
When leaving the Olive Garden, Lei needed her coat zipped up because it was like 10 degrees or less outside. Maile went to zip her up and couldn't do it... Lei was getting very impacitiant. Adam said Jamie can do it.. and Leila said "mom, Jamie can do it!" so I went do zip her up and it took me awhile because the zipper was stuck from Mai trying and Leila was getting even more upset with waiting and she said "uhh I can do it!" everyone thought that was pretty funny.
We then went to Mai's and hung out for a bit. Adam fell asleep in the chair and Leila finally got her shirt from Disneyworld that Adam and I bought for her.. she thought it was great and had to show everyone the shirt that "jamie made". After Leila got tired of trying to "save Michael's arm" from Louie (the puppy).. she fell asleep on moms lap and a little while after that I decided it was time to wake Adam up to go to our hotel. At around 2am we made plans for breakfast with Mai, Mike & Lei and were on our way to our hotel.
We got to our hotel at about 2:30am. It was the worst hotel I've stayed in in awhile. They didnt have an elevator, only one way in/out, there was mold on the walls, no microwave in our room, and when we got into our room we where very disappointed to find that the heater wasnt on and it was just as cold in our room as it was outside (less than 10 degrees). I went to turn the heater on and I found out that it wasnt on because it wouldnt have been much warmer in the room anyway. It worked but.. it didnt heat the room until about 8am this morning! Nice huh?
SO today at about 10:30 I got up and we checked out (after watchin a lil Bob Ross of course lol). We met with Mai, Mike & Lei and went to Bob Evens for breakfast. Leila had to have smiley face tators instead of normal breakfast lol. And when she finally got her plate of them she looked at it and Mai said "eat it" and Lei said "oh, I cant do it!" and I thought she meant because they were smiling at her.. but turns out she thought they were hot lol. After coloring maps and eating we went to the parking lot and said our goodbyes. Leila of course didnt want us to go.. and said "no, I need you at my house jamie, i need you!" while she cried .. awww.. thanks, she makes it so easy to leave!
We left at 1:30 and headed toward Washington DC. We arrived in Maryland at 10pm and rented a hotel room for the night. We are planning on leaving at around 9 AM tomorrow morning. We are currently in our hotel room which is about 1 hour away from DC.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another new friend

So.. today while packing Adam found somethin he got a long time ago as a joke.. well I saw him and I made Adam get him to work again. I needed a friend you know so I talk to him all the time and he has sum weirdo name but I gave him my own name. I call him Streeker! LMAO. Anywayz he's awesum.. he doesnt speak much english but like i said i need a friend so here he is. He's a Furbee. Cool huh?

Adams been packing all day with little help from me.. (oops lol)

So here is the link to the site that does the prints for $.06 for 4x6s and what not..

And here is a coupon code for an 8x8 (30 page) photobook.. use this coupon code at checkout and you only pay $11.99 for the book and you dont have to pay shipping.


if this code doesnt work it means someone else used it.. i have more so if it doesnt work let me know and i'll get you a different code.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Squeezed and pulled my neck 1986

I just thought I would write and tell ppl what it feels like to be abused by your husband. Adam just punched me in the face.. I'm not joking either. He thinks he can make it up to me by taking me to the Olive Garden.. well.. he's wrong! BJ.. Rachel.. call the COPS! :(

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Very Upset

SO.... I was at Davids Bridal the other day, picking up a new dress bag since we're gonna be packing it/ or taking it either way to keep it clean.. and you will never in a million years guess what i saw.. i couldnt talk i was sooooo angry it seems like this always happens to me.. u know at prom i wanted an orange dress.. no one had such a thing so i got blue.. well a couple months later everyone had orange dresses.

Well for my wedding i wanted a certain orange and blue.. no one had any thing close to orange and no one had the certain shade of pepsi blue i wanted... so Rachel and Becca made everything for me. We went out a specifically shopped for those 2 certain colors.. you're not gonna believe this...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Planning the trip

So, I've just started to plan the big trip to FL. Mainly I've only started planning the camping trip to the Dry Tortugas. It's gonna be so much fun! I'm finally starting to get excited about the trip instead of just the trip home.

Lately I've been very into scrapbooking. I actually finished a whole scrapbook last night.. it only took me 2 days and it actually turned out very cute! It's a big change for me since the only scrapbooks i've worked on before are like long-term books. Like my You & Me scrapbook. It's a book that is kind of like a timeline of mine and adams relationship. So it's like all the trips and stuff we did from when we first started dating until we got engaged.. so thats a LOT of pix.. thats like a 3 year scrapbook lmao. And then I did our engagement book for a wedding gift to adam... it wasnt as big but.. we took a lot of pics.. so it turned out pretty big. And then next ime doing our wedding book.. followed by our honeymoon book.. I however, cant start working on any until we get home. We'll be in FL for the next month and all my scrapbooking stuff will be in storeage. Plus I cant order any pics until we get home cuz we wont have an address until then. And even then it probably wont be our own address for awhile.. so i'll be getting stuff sent to his parents house or my moms p.o. box.

well hmm i dont really have much to say besides that.. oh yea actually i do. I found this AWESOME site. They are kinda like snapfish and shutterfly and all those.. They make prints and photobooks and all that good stuff. But they have the cheapest prices i've ever seen. I cant say that their stuff is good quality or anything cuz i haven't ordered anything from them yet but im planning to. Their 4x6's are only 6cents each and their 8x10s are only 50cents.. incredible. Anywayz their photobooks are also really cheap.. which would make u think that its not gonna turn out good but we'll see. If u sign up you get 600 free 4x6s and 600 free 5x7s.. only thing is u can only order 100 4x6s and 50 5x7s a month.. so you have to use them over time but thats still an amazing deal. Anyways.. i think if i refere ppl i get some sort of deal so i'll edit this later and let you know the site and stuff after i find out what i need to do.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New addition to my family!

I am actually a little shopped out. Yesterday Adam went and got the new windshield put in the truck ($260) then he took me to the Hobby Lobby and dropped me off. He then went and got the oil changed in the truck ($30) while I shopped at the Hobby Lobby for scrapbook stuff ($30). We then went to Circuit City because we found out they were going out of business. CDs and DVDs are 20% off.. everything else in the store is 10% off. So we got 3 movies (all of which are great) E.T., Troop Beverley Hills, and Shakespeare in love. We also got a power converter for the truck.. it plugs in to the lighter and converts the power to a normal wall plug in (for the laptops and ipod mainly).

And then... it happened.. we added a new member to the family.. and yes I do mean a baby.. my new baby. A Nikon D90 LOL. It came with a 18-105 VR lens. In addition to the new camera I also got a new flash (sb-600). Our trip to Circuit City cost Adam about... $1500-1600. The camera and lens were $1480somethin I believe. Anyways decent deal... but if you see a better one.. Adam doesnt wanna know LOL.

Adam also booked another one of our hotels for the FL trip.. this one is for Ft Lauderdale.. It is soooo nice.. its right on the beach and i mean actual beach property ... walk out the door and your in the sand. It's NICE! Anyways.. FL is gonna be a fun trip.. it could be a LOT nicer if I had someone to hang out with and do stuff with while Adam was at work.. its not so much fun to do nothing alone or anythin alone.. i'll probably spend my time (while we're at the beach front hotel anywayz) sitting on the beach reading or tanning.. possibly swimmin or snorkeling (maybe the 1st day to see if theres anything worth seeing snorkel wise).. but it should be nice anyway.

In Feb we find out where Adam's WFL assignment will be (wa, or, ak, id, mt) and even which park its gonna be at. Which will be nice to know. I'm excited... and I'm finding it semi-hard to get excited about anything but coming home.. even FL.. crazy i know.

Well I think that about does it for tonight.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sounds Like A Country Song To Me!

Rachel & Will, you guys are the only ones that read this so... I need some good country songs. Since we've gotta truck now and we're drivin thru country we decided its a good idea to expand our country library. So you guys send me a list of good country songs. I dont need any kenny chesney songs (downloaded them all already). But other stuff would be great. Thanks!


So yesterday Adam sold the Saturn.. thank Bob! I hated that car. Last night he took me out to Longhorn to celebrate. I got a blue sumthin or other martini... big mistake.. i had like one sip and i almost puked.. it was STRONG! I couldnt finish it.. but it certainly finished me lol! Then we stopped at Wal Mart and when shoppin for a bit. We got some first aid stuff for our FL trip (mainly for the Dry Tortugas) and some eggs. When we got home I was gonna make cookies but the cold water wasnt working so we couldn't wash the bowls. Finally I ended up makin them sumhow.. and they were amazing!

Anyway, today he made an appointment to get the windshield replaced in the truck .. on Monday.

Last night I had one of those random thoughts.. Why is it ok to wear layers on top (extra shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets).. yet if you wear layers on your bottom half (other than for paintball) you're a weirdo? lol. I donno why I think I mainly thought about it cuz my legs are always so cold here lol. Also, last night I got to talk to... yup, you guessed it... Dr. Phoenix. LMAO. He's so cute!

Today I also finally got my Mortal Kombat 4 for the N64. Bout time! I played Adam one round. I had just got up and I said.. "psh this is gonna be good lets see you play this.. i can beat you with my eyes closed.. better yet with out my contacts".. he laughed at me. And well, I beat him

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just got back from a trip up to the Chicago area for some meetings Adam had. This week went by really fast, which is great. Tomorrow Adam is setting up an appointment to get the windshield in the truck replaced. It was already cracked but on the way to Chicago it cracked all the rest of the way across the window.. about 1.5 feet in front of my eyes.. and then about 4 inches up. scary. There was snow, and very very cold temps. I really honestly dont get how anyone can live in Chicago.. or this area (midwest) at all. The snow here is so unpleasent. Its super dry and extra cold. It blows everywhere. Makes for some cool lookin snow drifts.. other than that.. nothin nice about it except that since its so cold and dry its not too icy. Now when I say its cold here.. i mean flippin freezing! You walk outside and breathe thru your nose and it stings you to tears. You breathe thru your mouth and you feel like your heart is on fire and your lungs feel like they're froze solid. So this is how i figured out why Columbia jackets go up over your face like a mask over your mouth and nose.. pretty handy if you live in a horrid place like IL. Anywayz I felt I needed to update a bit.. we're leavin in a few weeks for DC.. i'll try to be a lil bit better about updating it during the trip. This shouldnt be too hard since we'll be on the road a lot (hours at a time) and we have wireless aircard internet for the comp (we can use it anywhere and we got internet) and i'll have nothin else to do.

And the other day I edited some more of the pics of Gryphon from Christmas.. they turned out sooo cute!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

IM COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I just got an email from Adam (my wonderful fabulous incredible husband!!) and we just found out that we get to come home in April!! The job at WFL in Vancouver.. he got it!!! Now its just a trial period thing so if he doesnt like it we wont be staying.. but HE GOT IT!!!! Anyways.. I might not be home the whole time but.. its closer than IL. So he doesnt know exactly where he's gonna be placed yet but it could be any of the following states (in their national parks) Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montanna, Idaho. All i know so far is all that.. We'll be there from April - September.. (thats how long the trial period lasts.. IM SO EXCITED!!!! YAY!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok so Im gonna start at the beginning.. Where we left off: stuck at STL airport...

So we ended up getting sent to PHX and having to spend the night in the airport. Going on little sleep (cuz you just cant sleep in the airport when they clean 24/7). We got in at 12am ish.. and didnt eat at stl mainly cuz they didnt have any good food. We figured hey.. its an airport they gotta have food right?? WRONG! By the time we got in all the restaurants were closed and they dont have vending machines there. so we didnt eat until the next morning. We met 2 pretty funny little girls in the morning who kept us entertained until our flight left (about 3 hours). One of the funniest things the 3 year old said was about her and her friend "Cindy" being at the zoo. She said "cindy thought it was a monkey in a cage, and i thought it was a umm.. a rat in a cage" and i said "well whut was it?" and she said "umm a squirel" LMFAO! Funny kid.

So we finally got to fly home at 9 am. We got into Portland at 11am ish. Adams parents drove around a few times waiting for us.. we were waitin for my bag.. that never showed up!! So to make a horror airport story even worse they lost my bag.. the ONLY one with MY clothes in it! I got it back 2 days later but still.

We went to Adams parents house and hung out with them for awhile. Then we headed up to see my family. I saw my mom first and then went straight to see my boys! And when I walked in the door Phoenix said "Hi Jamie(dayme)!!.... and Adam(ah-umm)!" It's crazy how much lil guys like Phoenix and Gryphon can grow up in a few months.. but they're only getting cuter (i know, who that that was possible!)... I played with them for awhile and then Adam and I had to leave.

We ended up getting snowed in at Adams parents house for 3 or 4 days I cant remember but it was a long time. I got cheated out of at least one day with my family.. but whats done is done. We finally got to see some of my fam (kim, ty, sandra, and dolly) during the time we couldnt go up the gorge. We took the girls sledding.. and that was fun.

Christmas Eve we spent with Adams family at his grandparents house then up to his parents house. We spent the night at his parents house again and then spent Christmas morning with them. We left at about 3pm to go to my families Christmas (not without a bunch of Adams family telling us that we shouldnt go and having them all try to stop us).

We finally got to see my family again. And it was kinda crouded (REALLY crouded).. my bro, Adam & I sat in my old room and made some jokes lol. And then we went to my bro & Rachels and spent the nigth with them. When we got to their house we played with the babies (one of which didnt want to do what we were doin he wanted to "play diago go game") then we played the Wii... bowling and boxing it was pretty funny. And then we played Cadoo (which i woulda much rather played crainium) anywayz... Next day we played in the snow i believe not for sure thow... and that night we played monopoly and scattagories.. "loose women" lmao!

Next morning we took some angel pics of Gryphon which turned out adorable! How couldnt they with such a beautiful model!!? Then we said goodbye to all of them and went and saw my mommy one last time.. (we mainly watched casino lol). I said goodbye to my mom and we went to Adams grandparents for one last visit. We then went up to Adams parents and spent some more time with them. We were goin to stay up all night since our plane left at 7 and we hada be there at 4am.. but ended up falling asleep anywayz. We left the next morning and flu back to IL.. where we are currently.

When I got back I was worried sumthin happened to Joe - say... but he showed up the other day and Adam even let me buy him some cat food lol. So that was how my christmas vacation went... there was a lot more to say but not really a lot more room so i tried my best to keep it short.. lol.