Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A lot to catch up on.

So I kinda forgot I had this... anyway I have some very exciting news that I should have been keeping track of on something like this.

On March 6, 2009 Adam & I were very excited to find out that we were expecting a baby! I took a pregnancy test at about 6:15am (i had been having trouble sleeping the last few nights so I was up early). The test came back positive, but it was a very faint line. I decided I'd better read the directions AGAIN and make sure I wasn't just seeing something I wanted to see. It said no matter how faint the line, if it's there, its positive. So Adam was already awake getting ready for work... as he was getting ready to come into the bathroom to take a shower he noticed that I was acting awekwardly (more so than usual). He was like "what is it? what's going on with you?" I said "you need to see this" I pointed at the test on the counter and ran outa the room. A few minutes later he starts shouting "What does this mean?! Am I?! Are we?! Does this mean what I think it means!? Are you!? Are we having a baby!?!" I said "yes" and I felt so bad for the poor guy... he was so excited and happy and confused all at the same time lol.
We then decided what better time to tell everyone than Mothers day. Of course I had already emailed Mai and told her and a few other people before we told our moms... it was so exciting I couldn't wait to tell everyone. So we went and told my mom on Friday (since we had a mothers day bbq with adams family on mothers day I couldnt tell her on Sunday). We bought a bunch of baby sized foods (baby cans of pepsi, mini pringles, baby bottle of katchup, little boxes of cereal, a baby jar of Prego sauce, and tons of other stuff too). As she opened the stuff slowly (she had Phoenix helping her) it seemed as thow she would never figure it out, finally she said... "are you pregnant?" I said yes... she didnt seem very happy but she never seems to be when she finds that sorta stuff out.. shes very happy about it now thow. On I believe, Sunday morning we told Adams mom because he didnt want her to find out in front of everyone at the bbq, he thought she should know first. We gave her a card that Adam made it had a storke on the front that was holding a bag that said "SPECIAL DELIVERY" and a scrapbook storage box that was full of baby themed scrapbooking things. If she didnt get the card first I dont know how long it would have taken her to get it either... but she was shocked at first, followed by excited/happy.. which was followed by crying.

At the BBQ we then gave both of Adams grandmas picture frames with a little card inside the fram that said "baby photos soon to come" they were both happy as well. And then at the BBQ Adam gave me a bunch of balloons one of which said "happy mothers day" and I was a little surprized since I told him I didnt want anything. He also bought me a baby memory book but I had asked him not to give that to me in front of everyone too. Adams Grandma Smith was obviously not too surprized by our big news because she gave be a bag that was full of baby onsies... I was a bit shocked that she had had this bag all ready.. I asked her how long she had had it... she said "awhile!" That was a bit surprizing. We then told the rest of adams family at the bbq and they all seemed excited.

Instead of waiting for my first doc appointment (which I couldnt get into until late June) I went to the ER on June 3rd. I was having some complications. After spending about 30minutes in the waiting room I was called back. They did some tests, and then an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok. Adam didnt want to watch all of the tests and since it was the ER I figured everything would take forever... he left the room to get some things out of the car and use the restroom. Unfortuneately, they worked a lot faster than ever before. They did all of the tests within 3 minutes of eachother and then took me off for my ultrasound. Adam wasnt back in time and he missed the ultrasound. When I came back to the room he was waiting looking very confused. When I told him where I had been he got a little teary-eyed and looked very disappointed. He then spend the next 30 minutes appologizing for missing it, saying it was his fault. I felt horrible that he missed it... It was so exciting and amazing to see it. The only thing I said during the whole ultrasound was "its so tinys ok." and it was. We then waited... and waited for the test resaults... 3 hours later the doc came in to give them to us but I started to puke.. (you see when i dont eat when im hungry i start to throw up and get sick (during this pregnancy anyway)) so the doc left and didnt come back for another hour. She then told us that everything was ok, I was bleeding becuz of a hemiridge.. the placenta had seperated from the wall just the slightest bit and everything looked to be perfectly fine.

For our first doctor appointment.. we met with a nurse and went over our family history. I then took a few tests and that was it.

For our first actual doc appointment we showed up 10mins late becuz they sent us to a different office we had never been before.. it was a hard office to find.. even with our GPS. Since we were 10 minutes late they had to rescheduel for a different time. We went in about a week later and did the routine tests.. and that was all. I am now waiting for my next doc appointment which is set for Aug 10.

On July 28, 2009 while in Cheyenne, WY house hunting I felt the most amazing thing... the baby kicked for the first time. Also while in Cheyenne WY we made an offer on a house we loved, we then got a counter offer and accepted. We are now waiting for the bank to get the offer and accept. We currently have the house under contract and are also waiting for all inspections. We expect to have all the closing done by Aug 31.

On the way home from our house hunting trip on the plane from DEN to our layover in OAK on Aug 1, 2009 Adam felt the baby kick for the first time. He was very excited.

That pretty much has everything caught up to speed. Very exciting news!

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