Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a lotta catchin up to do

So..... here goes..
We went to the Dry Tortugas.. they were pretty, but it was super windy. We stayed 2 nights. The moat was pretty and calm and I saw more fish in there than I saw snorkeling. Snorkeling wasnt real great in my opinion.. we saw a few fish and thats about it. It was pretty much just too windy, choppy, rough, and murkey to see anything (not that there was anything to see anyway in my opinion). The sunsets where pretty, nothing spactacular and certainly nothing you would expect. We got a few good pics from the trip. We didnt sleep a wink the whole time.. not only was it super windy but the ground was just unsleepable, we were told that it wouldnt get below 60 degrees at night and that it never happened.. so we packed light.. and man it got cold at night! Aside from the wind, ground, and cold.. there was also a very loud generator on all day and all night.. (feeding power to the rangers.. certainly not us). The fort was kind of cool nothing too fantastic either thow. On our last day we decided .. lets go early cuz we wont sleep a wink tonite either.. so we waited for our boat.. that never showed. It turns out it was too windy for our boat to make it.. so we snuck on the other boat that comes out. We should have known if it was too windy for our boat it was too windy for us. The boat was going over huge swells I donno how big maybe 8-10feet tall.. and dropping just as much if not more.. and very hard. So for the first time in his life.. Adam got so sea sick that he threw up (yuck). And I, while bracing myself under a table (so that i didnt hit my head on the t.v. above me) somehow smacked into the table very hard had aquired a bruise about one foot long and 4 or 5 inches high across my stomach. Very painful, even hurt to have the wind blow my jacket into it. I started feeling queezy and decided to step outside. We made it to land 2 hours later and I surprizingly managed not to get sea sick.

Next stop: Orlando.
So after all of this excitement, we decided we needed more.. so where do u think we went?? of course, Orlando. First day we went to Universal. This being my first time I was curious what to expect. Adam having been before, should have known better lol! Out of the very few rides they had, I did very much enjoy the E.T. ride. It was so cute and there were E.T.s everywhere.. even baby ones.. and at the end of the ride he said "goodbye Adam & Jamie" It was awesome! Aside from that I wasnt real impressed with much else. the mummy ride was less than impressive.. and a big letdown for calling itself the biggest indoor rollercoaster.. obviously taking out of consideration that disney has the rockin' roller coaster and space mt. And of course I couldnt leave out Adams fave ride.. Jurassic Park.. 85 foot drop included.. (no thank you!). I spent the majority of the ride telling myself how horrible this drop was going to be, since the largest drop i've been on is 52 feet (splash mt). It wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. The ride seemed lacking.. very boring with a huge drop at the end.. i was less then impressed.. but adam liked it so whutever.. maybe i was too busy being scared. Now, I donno if it was the funnel cake, jurassic park, or the combination of the two, but for the first time in my life I got Theme Park sick. And I threw up a few times once we got back to the hotel. Never before has this happened to me.
Day 2: Disney World Magic Kingdom
So this day we went to the magic kingdom.. yes we've been before but this time were in high hopes that we would get to see the firework show that we missed on our honeymoon (due to the tropical storm). Of course disney was disney and we had been there, done that.. and still love it (me anyway.. but not as much as disneyland). We rode the rides and had micky head ice creams. And this time was a first for the both of us becuz we decided to spend our fastpast (splash mt) wait time on tom swayers island.. neither of us had ever been before... and we both now understand why! lol. After we rode our rides and did all that fun stuff we decided to find a spot for the fireworks.. now since we had not seen them at disneyworld before we had no idea where they were being shot from.. (u'd think someone with common sense would have known, from behind the castle). Well we were thinkin it was like disneyland .. there the show shoots off all around the park so u can see them from most places.. well not at disneyworld. Aside from being bothered by a rude old... (well the words I have to say about him are certainly not PG13 so i cant put them on this blog) guy.. we were on the total wrong side of the castle and missed the majority of the show.. but it was worth it.

On the way back to springfield we stopped to purchase some fireworks from TN and then Adam made a special discovery while taking a bathroom break in KY.. at a gas station in the middle of nowhere they sell a thing called "boom boom sticks" old ppl cains lol!!! Only in KY.. (actually probly all over that side of the country LOL). At a hotel one night we decided to call my bro.. to tell him about these sticks (cuz he would have loved it!) and we ended up calling his old number.. well we werent aware of this until it was too late (after adam hung up) and Adam thought the person was my bro messing around with him (cuz he alwayz does that) and he thought it was my bro impersonating Ms Swan from Mad TV... well adam thought it would be hilarious to say "you looka likea man" so he did.. (becuz this was an asian lady talking) and he finally hung up becuz "my bro" wouldnt stop. When we looked at the phone I let him know that my bro no longer had that number LOL! You shoulda seen the look on adams face! Priceless!

Then we came back to Springfield where adam rented us a room at a sleeze bag motel called the quest inn.. and it was horrible.. so horrible that when adam went to work in the morning ppl were printing out stories about people bein stabbed at that motel.. so adam left work and got me outa there.. after of course, having a few words with the owner.. who, didnt know any words other than "no refunds". the owner avoided adam a few times and tried to run away when adam confronted him.. finally adam got him to come up to the room where the guy again told adam no refunds.. as adam showed him everything that was wrong with the room.. from the fridge, to the toilet, to the bugs in the bed.. and the guy said i'll get a new fridge in here.. adam said well whut about the rest of this i want my money back.. look at whut we put up with all nite. and the guy said nothing... and adam said did u hear me? and he still said nothing. Adam then said When I pay for a place i expect that things work. The guy again said nothing. so adam then said I would like an answer! and he said if u wanted service u should have gone to the holiday inn or sumthing. so adam said are u telling me that things are not supposed to work here? is that whut i am to understand?! he said nothing again. and walked out of the room while adam was in mid sentance. Somehow adam managed to not get a refund and took a $180 loss.

Other than that thats about it. Adam called our old land lord and he rented to us again. so here we are.. in our old appartment.

Oh and i've talked to phoenix a few times and he's made me cry numerous times saying "i miss you" while crying.. most recently he said "come back home please, come back home, i miss you!" all while crying.. So I decided to come back home!

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