Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I found a late night friend!

About 30 mins ago.. Adam & I were finishing up some last minute stuff before our trip tomorrow (working on a playlist of songs we're burning for my mom).. and I heard a noise at the door.. mind you its 1AM here. So I of course jump up and say "A KITTY!" (Adam hates cats.. hes allergic to them) And I, being the animal lover that I am ran to the door. See, I have seen a cat around here every once in awhile.. actually only once.. and he let me pet him. He reminded me of a cat I used to have (Rusty). Anyways.. I run to the door.. and I ask Adam if I can let him in. To my surprise, he said "for a minute." So I let him in. He's so big and cute!

Well, you know me, I want to keep him. It's flippin 10 Degrees outside and 4 inches of snow. He runs in and explores a bit.. I pet him for a little while and Adam says "ok throw him out now" How mean.. its cold and he was only in here for like 2 mins tops. So i put him out. Meanwhile I'm trying to convince Adam to let me let him back in... he keeps sayin no. I was looking thru the fridge for some food or somethin (cuz we're leavin tomorrow and it will go bad anyway).. but of course we were smart and ate it all. So theres no food but there is milk. Adam says I can give him some and he sneeks back in. This goes on for a few mins (the cat coming in and getting thrown out). I beg Adam to let me let him in for the night (in the bathroom) cuz it's so cold out and hes going bald so he's not staying very warm. Adam says "no, look he has a tag, he has a home you cant keep him!" So when I let him back in for the last time I check his tag.. and all it says is "I'm drunk" How lovely is that? It had a number but i doubt it works.. horrible owners!! What kinda ppl thow an old cat outside in this kind of weather. I'd be ok with him staying outside but its so cold the milk I gave him is gonna freeze in a few minutes.

Anyways... Adam wins and the poor lil guy is out there freezing and cold.. and I wish I could do something about it.. :(

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