Tuesday, December 16, 2008

snow... ugh!

So it's snowing at the moment.. just started to about 10 minutes ago. theres already probably an inch. Now don't get me wrong.. i love snow! I love to play in it.. but i dont love to drive in it (or ride with someone else drivin.. its unsafe). I am also flying home tomorrow evening. It's a 2 hour drive from here to STL. Supposedly the snow is going to freeze over night so Im just a tad worried about making it.. (either to the airport or off the runway). Wouldnt you know the one time you dont want snow.. BAM there it is!

On the bright side... Yay! Im gonna be home in 1 day! I cant wait. I get to see my mommy, all those other ppl... but most importantly I getta see MY boys (actually.. they're not mine.. they're rachels.. but i can pretend!)!!!

Adam and I were workin on some of the boys' gifts yesterday.. oh man.. they are GOOD! i mean Great! everyone will love them!

Another disturbing note: I havent packed at all! Adam packed most of the gifts.. they took up my huge blue bag and we still have more to pack, not to mention some of them are being shipped home so we didnt have to bring them with us. Lol.. a lil over board?? Maybe! But whut else are we gonna spend our money on anywayz?? Yea we could save up for our house, but seriously.. are we ever gonna getta move home?? psh no :(.

I had sumthin else i wanted to write earlier.. but i dont remember whut it was.. Oh YEA! Im growing a Bumble!! (my fave Christmas charactor).

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