Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wasted away again in Margaritaville

Yesterday we made it to Key West.. first we went to the southern most point in the USA, then we shopped on Duval street for awhile and then we went to the Sunset Festival (where a bunch of weirdos do street shows) and it was pretty dang cool!! We saw all sorts of stuff.. a guy that could excape from a straight jacket.. fire jugglers.. and that sorta stuff.
After we watched the sunset.. Adam took me to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville!!!! I didnt have a margarita (not a big fan) but I did get some other stuff. It wasnt as impressive as you would think it would be for being owned by a famous singer who claims Key West is where it all begain and has many of them all over. After dinner we stopped at the store for a sec and then we back to our hotel.

Today I slept til 1pm and after we had lunch we went to Duval St again becuz there wasnt much else to do here today. The wind is blowing pretty hard and there wasnt even very many street shows going on. Although we did catch one and you'll never guess who they picked outa the audience to help them out.. Adam LOL!!! It was great! It was a guy and his wife.. and he ate fire and then put her in a box with knives! Pretty sweet. The guy asked adam "are you married?" and Adam said "yea" and the guy said "good, that would explain why you're so good at taking orders!" LOL! After the show we went to go pick up dinner from "Damn Good Food To Go" and then came back to our hotel for dinner.
Tomorrow we dont have much planned but after tomorrow we'll be in the Dry Tortugas and won't be posting until at the very earliest March 6.

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