Friday, February 27, 2009

Key Largo (so I lied)

Today we left Ft Lauderdale at about 11am and headed toward Key Largo. We got to Key Largo at about 2pm (after making a few stops for water and other things). We went to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and were going to just jump right in and start snorkeling (since thats the way all the websites made it sound). After ariving and going to the visitors center we discovered we needed to take a boat to actually get to the reef (30 minutes (by boat) away from the actual park). So we bought two tickets for the 3:05pm boat trip, ringing in at $60. Once out near the reef we finally got to actually snorkel for the first time in FL and see fish and stuff (before all we saw was shells). Some of the things we saw included konch shells (some as big as 1ft long) a huge blue stingray, a few yellow spotted rays, tons of extra large barracudas (some as big as 4 feet long), lots of other tropical fish.. and I saw a large shark..(not sure whut kind) luckily Adam didnt see this, otherwise we woulda been outa the water about a half hour early.
After we got done we came to check into our hotel, and watched the sunset from a little pier on the hotels beach front property. Once the sun set we then we to look for a place to eat. It was luck, that Susan (Adams GPS, yea he's nuts), found a place on the water. Their food was horrible (mine anyways), but the location couldn't have been beter. Our waiter.. was more like well I'm not sure if it was a guy but they claimed their name was Nathan. Once we finished we came back to our hotel.

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