Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok so Im gonna start at the beginning.. Where we left off: stuck at STL airport...

So we ended up getting sent to PHX and having to spend the night in the airport. Going on little sleep (cuz you just cant sleep in the airport when they clean 24/7). We got in at 12am ish.. and didnt eat at stl mainly cuz they didnt have any good food. We figured hey.. its an airport they gotta have food right?? WRONG! By the time we got in all the restaurants were closed and they dont have vending machines there. so we didnt eat until the next morning. We met 2 pretty funny little girls in the morning who kept us entertained until our flight left (about 3 hours). One of the funniest things the 3 year old said was about her and her friend "Cindy" being at the zoo. She said "cindy thought it was a monkey in a cage, and i thought it was a umm.. a rat in a cage" and i said "well whut was it?" and she said "umm a squirel" LMFAO! Funny kid.

So we finally got to fly home at 9 am. We got into Portland at 11am ish. Adams parents drove around a few times waiting for us.. we were waitin for my bag.. that never showed up!! So to make a horror airport story even worse they lost my bag.. the ONLY one with MY clothes in it! I got it back 2 days later but still.

We went to Adams parents house and hung out with them for awhile. Then we headed up to see my family. I saw my mom first and then went straight to see my boys! And when I walked in the door Phoenix said "Hi Jamie(dayme)!!.... and Adam(ah-umm)!" It's crazy how much lil guys like Phoenix and Gryphon can grow up in a few months.. but they're only getting cuter (i know, who that that was possible!)... I played with them for awhile and then Adam and I had to leave.

We ended up getting snowed in at Adams parents house for 3 or 4 days I cant remember but it was a long time. I got cheated out of at least one day with my family.. but whats done is done. We finally got to see some of my fam (kim, ty, sandra, and dolly) during the time we couldnt go up the gorge. We took the girls sledding.. and that was fun.

Christmas Eve we spent with Adams family at his grandparents house then up to his parents house. We spent the night at his parents house again and then spent Christmas morning with them. We left at about 3pm to go to my families Christmas (not without a bunch of Adams family telling us that we shouldnt go and having them all try to stop us).

We finally got to see my family again. And it was kinda crouded (REALLY crouded).. my bro, Adam & I sat in my old room and made some jokes lol. And then we went to my bro & Rachels and spent the nigth with them. When we got to their house we played with the babies (one of which didnt want to do what we were doin he wanted to "play diago go game") then we played the Wii... bowling and boxing it was pretty funny. And then we played Cadoo (which i woulda much rather played crainium) anywayz... Next day we played in the snow i believe not for sure thow... and that night we played monopoly and scattagories.. "loose women" lmao!

Next morning we took some angel pics of Gryphon which turned out adorable! How couldnt they with such a beautiful model!!? Then we said goodbye to all of them and went and saw my mommy one last time.. (we mainly watched casino lol). I said goodbye to my mom and we went to Adams grandparents for one last visit. We then went up to Adams parents and spent some more time with them. We were goin to stay up all night since our plane left at 7 and we hada be there at 4am.. but ended up falling asleep anywayz. We left the next morning and flu back to IL.. where we are currently.

When I got back I was worried sumthin happened to Joe - say... but he showed up the other day and Adam even let me buy him some cat food lol. So that was how my christmas vacation went... there was a lot more to say but not really a lot more room so i tried my best to keep it short.. lol.

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