Friday, January 16, 2009


So yesterday Adam sold the Saturn.. thank Bob! I hated that car. Last night he took me out to Longhorn to celebrate. I got a blue sumthin or other martini... big mistake.. i had like one sip and i almost puked.. it was STRONG! I couldnt finish it.. but it certainly finished me lol! Then we stopped at Wal Mart and when shoppin for a bit. We got some first aid stuff for our FL trip (mainly for the Dry Tortugas) and some eggs. When we got home I was gonna make cookies but the cold water wasnt working so we couldn't wash the bowls. Finally I ended up makin them sumhow.. and they were amazing!

Anyway, today he made an appointment to get the windshield replaced in the truck .. on Monday.

Last night I had one of those random thoughts.. Why is it ok to wear layers on top (extra shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets).. yet if you wear layers on your bottom half (other than for paintball) you're a weirdo? lol. I donno why I think I mainly thought about it cuz my legs are always so cold here lol. Also, last night I got to talk to... yup, you guessed it... Dr. Phoenix. LMAO. He's so cute!

Today I also finally got my Mortal Kombat 4 for the N64. Bout time! I played Adam one round. I had just got up and I said.. "psh this is gonna be good lets see you play this.. i can beat you with my eyes closed.. better yet with out my contacts".. he laughed at me. And well, I beat him

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  1. We bought Dr. Phoenix his very own doctor kit. BIIIIGGGGG MMMIIIISSSTTTAAAKKKEEE!!!! Now we are all his patients. Even Gryphon