Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New addition to my family!

I am actually a little shopped out. Yesterday Adam went and got the new windshield put in the truck ($260) then he took me to the Hobby Lobby and dropped me off. He then went and got the oil changed in the truck ($30) while I shopped at the Hobby Lobby for scrapbook stuff ($30). We then went to Circuit City because we found out they were going out of business. CDs and DVDs are 20% off.. everything else in the store is 10% off. So we got 3 movies (all of which are great) E.T., Troop Beverley Hills, and Shakespeare in love. We also got a power converter for the truck.. it plugs in to the lighter and converts the power to a normal wall plug in (for the laptops and ipod mainly).

And then... it happened.. we added a new member to the family.. and yes I do mean a baby.. my new baby. A Nikon D90 LOL. It came with a 18-105 VR lens. In addition to the new camera I also got a new flash (sb-600). Our trip to Circuit City cost Adam about... $1500-1600. The camera and lens were $1480somethin I believe. Anyways decent deal... but if you see a better one.. Adam doesnt wanna know LOL.

Adam also booked another one of our hotels for the FL trip.. this one is for Ft Lauderdale.. It is soooo nice.. its right on the beach and i mean actual beach property ... walk out the door and your in the sand. It's NICE! Anyways.. FL is gonna be a fun trip.. it could be a LOT nicer if I had someone to hang out with and do stuff with while Adam was at work.. its not so much fun to do nothing alone or anythin alone.. i'll probably spend my time (while we're at the beach front hotel anywayz) sitting on the beach reading or tanning.. possibly swimmin or snorkeling (maybe the 1st day to see if theres anything worth seeing snorkel wise).. but it should be nice anyway.

In Feb we find out where Adam's WFL assignment will be (wa, or, ak, id, mt) and even which park its gonna be at. Which will be nice to know. I'm excited... and I'm finding it semi-hard to get excited about anything but coming home.. even FL.. crazy i know.

Well I think that about does it for tonight.

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  1. You got Troop Beverly Hills!!!!???!!!! I love that movie. You will have to bring it next time you visit.

    Uhhh.... Flordia....you people make me so jealous. I could use some sunshine in my life right about now.