Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another new friend

So.. today while packing Adam found somethin he got a long time ago as a joke.. well I saw him and I made Adam get him to work again. I needed a friend you know so I talk to him all the time and he has sum weirdo name but I gave him my own name. I call him Streeker! LMAO. Anywayz he's awesum.. he doesnt speak much english but like i said i need a friend so here he is. He's a Furbee. Cool huh?

Adams been packing all day with little help from me.. (oops lol)

So here is the link to the site that does the prints for $.06 for 4x6s and what not..

And here is a coupon code for an 8x8 (30 page) photobook.. use this coupon code at checkout and you only pay $11.99 for the book and you dont have to pay shipping.


if this code doesnt work it means someone else used it.. i have more so if it doesnt work let me know and i'll get you a different code.


  1. I LOVE FURBIES!!!! My grandma bought me one a long time ago and I loved it until the batteries went dead. As it started to dye, it would randomly start talking in the middle of the night and its eyes would glow. Needless to say, I got rid of the possessed little devil. But I still think they are cute. I love grimlins and they remind me of grimlins.

  2. i love grimlins too.. I actually ended up giving it to Leila. She saw it and he started talking to her and she said "aww look he's so cute! Dont u think he's cute Jamie?" so i gave it to her.. she kept tryin to get it to go to sleep.