Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Planning the trip

So, I've just started to plan the big trip to FL. Mainly I've only started planning the camping trip to the Dry Tortugas. It's gonna be so much fun! I'm finally starting to get excited about the trip instead of just the trip home.

Lately I've been very into scrapbooking. I actually finished a whole scrapbook last night.. it only took me 2 days and it actually turned out very cute! It's a big change for me since the only scrapbooks i've worked on before are like long-term books. Like my You & Me scrapbook. It's a book that is kind of like a timeline of mine and adams relationship. So it's like all the trips and stuff we did from when we first started dating until we got engaged.. so thats a LOT of pix.. thats like a 3 year scrapbook lmao. And then I did our engagement book for a wedding gift to adam... it wasnt as big but.. we took a lot of pics.. so it turned out pretty big. And then next ime doing our wedding book.. followed by our honeymoon book.. I however, cant start working on any until we get home. We'll be in FL for the next month and all my scrapbooking stuff will be in storeage. Plus I cant order any pics until we get home cuz we wont have an address until then. And even then it probably wont be our own address for awhile.. so i'll be getting stuff sent to his parents house or my moms p.o. box.

well hmm i dont really have much to say besides that.. oh yea actually i do. I found this AWESOME site. They are kinda like snapfish and shutterfly and all those.. They make prints and photobooks and all that good stuff. But they have the cheapest prices i've ever seen. I cant say that their stuff is good quality or anything cuz i haven't ordered anything from them yet but im planning to. Their 4x6's are only 6cents each and their 8x10s are only 50cents.. incredible. Anywayz their photobooks are also really cheap.. which would make u think that its not gonna turn out good but we'll see. If u sign up you get 600 free 4x6s and 600 free 5x7s.. only thing is u can only order 100 4x6s and 50 5x7s a month.. so you have to use them over time but thats still an amazing deal. Anyways.. i think if i refere ppl i get some sort of deal so i'll edit this later and let you know the site and stuff after i find out what i need to do.

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