Saturday, January 31, 2009

1st stop (Mai & Lei) Ohio..

Yesterday we went from IL to IN to OH. Today we went from OH to PN to VW to MD.

So we left Springfield, IL yesterday! I stayed up all night packing and we packed everything up and moved it to a storage shead yesterday. We left about about 1:30pm for Cincinnati OH to see Mai, Lei & Mike. On the way we stopped for lunch at Monicals Pizza in I believe Bloomington IL at 3pm. We then stopped off for some gas and were again, on our way.
We arrived in Cincinnati at about 8pm. We saw Lei & Mai and AJ's new puppy Louie (such a cute dog!). After Mai called Mike at work we went to pick him up. After we got Mike we went to the Olive Garden.. on the way Lei saw a McDonalds and decided that was what she needed for dinner.. she didn't get her way. We had dinner along with many amusing moments with Leila, including when she thru a fit and what she was sayin was so funny even Mai couldnt help but laugh.
When leaving the Olive Garden, Lei needed her coat zipped up because it was like 10 degrees or less outside. Maile went to zip her up and couldn't do it... Lei was getting very impacitiant. Adam said Jamie can do it.. and Leila said "mom, Jamie can do it!" so I went do zip her up and it took me awhile because the zipper was stuck from Mai trying and Leila was getting even more upset with waiting and she said "uhh I can do it!" everyone thought that was pretty funny.
We then went to Mai's and hung out for a bit. Adam fell asleep in the chair and Leila finally got her shirt from Disneyworld that Adam and I bought for her.. she thought it was great and had to show everyone the shirt that "jamie made". After Leila got tired of trying to "save Michael's arm" from Louie (the puppy).. she fell asleep on moms lap and a little while after that I decided it was time to wake Adam up to go to our hotel. At around 2am we made plans for breakfast with Mai, Mike & Lei and were on our way to our hotel.
We got to our hotel at about 2:30am. It was the worst hotel I've stayed in in awhile. They didnt have an elevator, only one way in/out, there was mold on the walls, no microwave in our room, and when we got into our room we where very disappointed to find that the heater wasnt on and it was just as cold in our room as it was outside (less than 10 degrees). I went to turn the heater on and I found out that it wasnt on because it wouldnt have been much warmer in the room anyway. It worked but.. it didnt heat the room until about 8am this morning! Nice huh?
SO today at about 10:30 I got up and we checked out (after watchin a lil Bob Ross of course lol). We met with Mai, Mike & Lei and went to Bob Evens for breakfast. Leila had to have smiley face tators instead of normal breakfast lol. And when she finally got her plate of them she looked at it and Mai said "eat it" and Lei said "oh, I cant do it!" and I thought she meant because they were smiling at her.. but turns out she thought they were hot lol. After coloring maps and eating we went to the parking lot and said our goodbyes. Leila of course didnt want us to go.. and said "no, I need you at my house jamie, i need you!" while she cried .. awww.. thanks, she makes it so easy to leave!
We left at 1:30 and headed toward Washington DC. We arrived in Maryland at 10pm and rented a hotel room for the night. We are planning on leaving at around 9 AM tomorrow morning. We are currently in our hotel room which is about 1 hour away from DC.

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