Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just got back from a trip up to the Chicago area for some meetings Adam had. This week went by really fast, which is great. Tomorrow Adam is setting up an appointment to get the windshield in the truck replaced. It was already cracked but on the way to Chicago it cracked all the rest of the way across the window.. about 1.5 feet in front of my eyes.. and then about 4 inches up. scary. There was snow, and very very cold temps. I really honestly dont get how anyone can live in Chicago.. or this area (midwest) at all. The snow here is so unpleasent. Its super dry and extra cold. It blows everywhere. Makes for some cool lookin snow drifts.. other than that.. nothin nice about it except that since its so cold and dry its not too icy. Now when I say its cold here.. i mean flippin freezing! You walk outside and breathe thru your nose and it stings you to tears. You breathe thru your mouth and you feel like your heart is on fire and your lungs feel like they're froze solid. So this is how i figured out why Columbia jackets go up over your face like a mask over your mouth and nose.. pretty handy if you live in a horrid place like IL. Anywayz I felt I needed to update a bit.. we're leavin in a few weeks for DC.. i'll try to be a lil bit better about updating it during the trip. This shouldnt be too hard since we'll be on the road a lot (hours at a time) and we have wireless aircard internet for the comp (we can use it anywhere and we got internet) and i'll have nothin else to do.

And the other day I edited some more of the pics of Gryphon from Christmas.. they turned out sooo cute!!!

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