Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not my Washington of choice...

When I was rudely woken thismorning I found my wonderful husband had went to McDonalds to get my breakfast (doesnt get much better than that). After eating we checked out of our hotel and were on the road toward DC at about 11am. We got to DC at 12. After driving in circles for awhile we checked into our hotel (courtyard) where we are paying $32 a day to park.So after bringing our bags in we took our little tour. All I was really interested in seeing was the Smithsonian (us history and natural history).
We first went to the natural history museum. There we saw some interesting things including: dinosaur bones/fossils, sea creatures (including a giant squid), lots of really pretty rocks (including diamonds, rubys, emeralds, calasite, quartz, copper, etc etc) the most popular was the Hope Diamond (which I was a lot less impressed by than I thought I would be).
Then we went over to the US History Museum. Some of the more interesting things there were: Ab Lincoln's top hat, a part of the shirt that was blood stained from when he was shot at ford's theator, and one of his suits. There was also dorthy's ruby red slippers, kermit the frog, oscar the grouch, mahamad ali's boxing gloves, and yeah thats about all i was really interested in there.
After we were done there we moved on to the National Archives. There we saw some papers and whatnot.. Adam took a call from President Nixon (LOL!) and we saw the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution. Then we went to the gift shop where we purchased the declaration and constitution (the same one Nicoles Cage bought his copy from in National Treasure).
Then we decided our feet hurt and it was time to go take a break in the hotel were we plan to spend the rest of the night. We might go out for dinner across the street in a few hours. All and all I'd say Washington DC is definitely less impressive than my Washington. Oh yeah, one other thing.. they call themselves "washingtonians" and call this just washington... no wonder everyone asks if we're from washington dc.. it's cuz all the people that live here are idiots!


  1. i invited u! gosh! lol.. but now that i think about it.. i was actually standing in a spot that david borenez stood! :D