Tuesday, February 3, 2009

another day in dc

so today.. we found out that i forgot my cell phone in the hotel we stayed in the other night (1 hour away).. so we went to pick it up after taking a few pics in front white house (adam says its the capital building but i dont believe him) and the washington monument. After we got my phone we went out to dinner at Red Lobster and then were back on the road to go back to DC.

As we were just getting close Adam noticed something funny about the wheel he replaced before we left springfield. We stopped down by the Washington Monument to check it out and Adam discovered one of the break calabers (i donno if i spelled that right or not anywayz).. had lost one of the bolts and the other was missing.. trying to figure out what to do.. Adam finally called a tow truck to take us to a repair shop. Mind you, this was after numerous calls to AAA as well as an hour of debaiting with himself at 12AM in the middle of DC.

The truck driver seemed friendly enough but Adam said he screwed us over by taking us 15 miles away when he said it would only be 5... but somehow I still disagree because it only cost $20.. $4 per mile i donno thow anyway Adam tipped him $10 because he drove us back to our hotel at no extra charge. Tomorrow Adam gets to call the repair shop and find out how much they wanna screw us over... and I told him.. "you know if you had just got that wheel fixed at shaners (the company that changed our wheels) than we wouldn't have to deal with this.. but no.. u have to fix everything urself.." Honestly it woulda been cheaper to just have them fix it awhile ago.

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