Friday, February 6, 2009

The devil went down to Gorgia!

Howdy Ya'll!
So yesterday we went from NC to SC to GA. We stayed the night in NC and also went to the beach. We stopped at 2 different beaches in NC. Sunset Beach and North Myrtle Beach. After the sun set we went to Bass Pro Shop to look at canoes and I found it... my country get-up to wear to see the Fam in Gorgia. Adam bought me the shirt for $25 and before that he had bought me a hat from the outlet malls. Last night we slept in Savanna GA and it was horrible. Today, we went to Blackshear and spent the day with Candy, Shelly, Davey, Camie, Travis and saw David a little bit. We made a trip to the swamp with everyone but David and well.. we were kind of late and the place was closed. We walked around a bit and didnt see one gator. So we plan to meet with them all tomorrow morning at 10:30 and go again. Tonight we are staying in Waycross GA in ANOTHER super 8 motel.. and its fabulous... (not the sarcasim).

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