Sunday, February 22, 2009


SO yesterday Adam took me out to dinner at this really nice place called the Mai Kai. Its like a Polonysian place. It was really pretty inside and well yea. The food wasnt so great.. and certainly wasnt worth the money. My lobster Bisk tasted like spicey throw up.. adams spinich salad was disgusting, my grilled salmon was non-exsistant (very very small), Adam's prime rib had a bone in it (hidden, he found it with his teeth), and the macadamia nut icecream made me wanna puke. But they had this show.. a dance show.. like hula and tihitian dancing and all that.. there were only five dancers but they did a pretty good job. The fire dance was pretty sweet. And dinner came to a grand total of $111.

Then today we moved to our new hotel (the one on the beach).. and they are really nice.. they upgraded our room for free just because they had extras. Its like a little appartment and its sooooo nice. Its like 20 feet from the pool (the non heated one) and like 300 feet from the large heated one. Right past the pool is the beach and its like a 2 minute walk to the ocean.. pretty dang sweet!!! They have these chairs out by the pool that are like couches and all that really comfortable. SO this is gonna be a WONDERFUL week!!

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  1. Looks awesome but I dont know if I would have paid that much money either. I am sure it was worth it. The majority of the cost probably went to the dancers. You guys sound like you are having fun. You should collect me lots of shells!!!