Saturday, February 7, 2009

Florida here we come!

Today... we met up with Candy, Travis, Shelly, Camie & Davey at Ryan's (a buffet) for breakfast. We were all pretty much sickened (except Davey of course) with the choices for breakfast (this was everyones first time to this restaurant for breakfast). After breakfast we all headed out to the okefenokee swamp in Waycross GA. We saw alligators, turtles, deer, a bear, an otter, and snakes. We saw a show about the swamp with a park ranger and got to touch the snakes (which we didnt touch) and a baby alligator (which we did touch). We then went on a train ride to the other side of the park and saw the goats and umm well... we just kinda wasted 20 minutes on a train ride, which was informative.
After the giftshop we parted ways and Adam and I were on our way toward Miami. As the sun was setting we stopped at a beach on the way south in St. Augustine FL. It was pretty and there was tons of shells all over the beach. We grabbed a few (yes Rachel, they're for you!) and snapped a few pics and got back on the road.
For dinner we stopped at an italian place called Amici. It was decent but it wasnt incredible.. and it wasnt Olive Garden. Their bread was pretty good.. they bring you fresh roasted garlic to put on it.. yum.
After dinner we got back on the road and went to our hotel in Palm Coast FL.


  1. Yea! More seashells! You guys got to see a real life alegator?! did you take pictures? I hope so!!! Thats awesome. There is a snake in the class room that I am interning in and I get to hold it on occasion. its a constrictor. I got to watch it eat an elderly, sick mouse the other day. That was sad. You should have held the snakes and took pics.

  2. they wouldnt let us hold them just touch... but i saw a lot more real life alligators in the wild on the side of the road yesterday.. ur sick rachel u kno u liked to see the snake eat the old ppl.