Sunday, February 15, 2009


So its been a crazy and long weekend. Let me try to fill in all the blanks.
On Friday we left Miami for Naples. On the trip (3 hours) we took alligator alley.. and after being on that road for like 20 minutes I decided to start counting all of the alligators. I missed quite a few before but once I started counting I counted 318. Crazy I know!
Once we got to Naples we went to a few different beaches.. including Delanor Wiggens Park, Marco Island.. and Naples beach.

On Valentines day we went to Marco Island for the beginning and ended it in Naples beach to watch the sunset. The beaches here are COVERED in sea shells.. the pretty kind. So we picked up a few of those.

Today (the 15th) is our 6month versary.. we have officially been married for half a year today.. so we started off with Mcdonalds breakfast (adam brought it to me). After breakfest we were off on our way to another beach. We went straight to a beach called Bearfoot Beach.. (we thought that ment the sand was super soft and no shells to step on.. wrong). We saw a turtle and an armadillo, It was PACKED.. so we stayed for a little while and picked some sea shells up then decided the water was too murkey to snorkel.. so we decided to go to a different beach.

We then went to Lovers Key (thought it was a nice touch).. we saw a turtle and then found out they had no snorkeling there so we went back to naples beach.

At Naples beach we swam and even snorkeled a bit.. we were being pretty dumb and well while racing under the peer I smacked my head into a sharp barnical covered pillar of the peer.. it cut my head open (which i found out when we got back to the hotel). We got tons of shells and fed the seagulls.. we also built a sand castle and then watched the sunset. Adam took me out the the Olive Garden for dinner (where the service sucked) to celebrate Valentines day (a day late) and our versary.

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